T-pisode 1: Why Hello

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This is my introduction blog. This is me saying hello to you through the world of blog writing. So allow myself to introduce….myself. I’m kind of a writer. I’ve written a few film & television scripts. Some of which have been read. Some of which are stuck in Hollywood limbo and some of which have been tossed in the trash. But not only do I write screenplays, I also write countless Facebook updates daily which usually either entertain or offend my followers or sometimes both. I also tweet on Twitter like a son of a bitch! So all of that makes me a writer. A paid writer? Not yet. Soon though. I’m also sort of a social media mogul guy. Recently, I partnered with a buddy of mine and we started our own company that will unleash an abundance of sites, blogs & smart phone apps into the world which will be sure to slow work production down faster than a model slash bartender slash wannabe reality show starlet trying to go down on Tiger Woods. What? Too much? That’s me. I’m a wise ass. And I always take it there.

I’m all about a lot of things but especially pop culture, sports, working out, women, having something to say, going out, enjoying single guy life and Boston. Oh yes. Boston. I’m fiercely loyal to my city and everything in it. I also have this inept yet natural ability to get myself in and out of some odd, funny, sometimes downright insane situations in this city! So take everything I mentioned in these two paragraphs so far, throw it all into a pot of confidence or stupidity, pour in a lot of opinions (none which are based on fact), stir in a little offensive humor (ok, a lot), add some in your face honesty (like really in your face), then sprinkle a shit load of uninhibited ambition on it all and you get…..well, entertainment. You get me.

I’m writing this blog for the same reasons I write scripts. For the same reasons I have Facebook & Twitter. For the same reasons I send my friends & family crazy YouTube videos. For the same reasons I text movie quotes. For the same reasons I started a social media company. To give you something that will make you laugh, make you feel, make you think. It’s what I love doing and hopefully you’ll get that out of this blog. A blog is a recording of one’s opinions, personality & lifestyle I say. If you want sense & structure or a literary masterpiece, go elsewhere. If you want refreshing honesty & entertainment then you’ve come to the right place. Just keep coming back and you’ll enjoy the show. I promise. Because just like Russell Crowe once said “Are you not entertained?! Is this not why you are here?!”

Until next time. Always take it there.


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  1. Nice blog. You should write something on this so called thing “Festivus”. I keep seeing that in your posts. I hope you are not replacing Christmas was “Festivus”. Also you should post info on your up and coming MMA career. Are you going to have a manager like WWF wrestlers ( ie Mr Fugi, Captian Lou Albano)?


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