T-pisode 14: Superstar? No. You’re really not.

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Why do so many people have the desire to be a superstar these days? To be famous? Why are so many people obsessed with celebrities? Why the hell does everybody want to get famous quick through a YouTube video? Or an MTV reality show even if it paints you as an asshole? And why are we allowing so many untalented assholes to become famous and continue to support their careers by buying their horrible music, watching their ridiculous TV shows, going to see their boring movies, following their pointless tweets? We are totally inundated with this new obsession. We are becoming a sub-par generation of instant fame. And this instant fame obsession is influencing everyday people. Making everybody think they are a superstar. A rockstar. Important. Talented. Not me though. Hell no. I just want to put out my material and entertain. Could care less about the fame. I want the joy of knowing people who use and really enjoy my work. And just let me make the money to take care of those I care about from it. “All I want is money. Fuck the fame I’m a simple man.”-Tupac

A lot of people think they are famous without the fame. Without the money. Without doing anything. Without putting in the hard work. Without any accomplishments. On any given day I’ll get the following texts or see these facebook updates: “Partying like a rockstar!” “Poppin’ bottles with models!” “I’m such a balla’!” “Out makin’ it rain!” “We gonna run this town tonite!” Okay. Here comes the big T reality check for you. Are you ready?! This may hurt a bit. You’re not a balla’ if your debt doubles your income. You’re not making it rain if that was your entire paycheck you just dropped. You’re not a model if you did one glamour shots photo shoot 5 years ago and never ever booked a paying gig after that. You’re not big time if you’re still in school at any age. Financially impossible. Someday maybe. All the important people in history never lived at home over the age of 24. You’re not a rockstar if you’re at the club at night then at your job at the mall selling shoes the next day which you drive to using your Dad’s BMW. If you’re over 30 and still have roommates, you’re not big time either. Posting pics of yourself with Ben Affleck when you ran into him at a bar while he was in town shooting a movie doesn’t make you a celebrity like him or his friend. Balla’s also don’t sleep on futons. If anybody pays your credit cards/rent/mortgage besides you, like your parents, rich uncle, your boss who you give handjobs to, your dead grandma or a sugardaddy, you’re not the shit. You’re just a lucky dope and it will run out. And finally, if you don’t command at least a 6 figure salary, have any equity, have decent credit, have zero investments and pray that your tax return is enough to blow on a 4 day vacation, then you are not a superstar!

Here’s what I say. Act accordingly. Know your role. Play the part. Talk shit? Back it up. Walk with a swag because you have some swag. As a matter of fact, stop saying swag altogether. That word is stupid. Be you. Do you. Make the most of what you have and bust your ass to attain more. Don’t fake it until you make it. Instant fame and pretending to be something you’re not is easy, yes. But why do it? Don’t become like the people who are like this. They only love the attention because that’s all they have. Do something first that will earn you that attention if you really want it. I’ll leave you with this. There’s a thousand Snookis, a thousand fake it ‘til they make it bedazzled t-shirt with a tie wearing poser dudes, a thousand star fuckers, a thousand wannabe models/actresses and a thousand YouTube tweeting follow me I’m important & I really need more facebook friends cause I got muscles or my tits are out and I should really have my own tv show “superstars” for every one of you. So who’s really the superstar now?

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  1. I agree posers can be annoying but I don’t think financial status should dictate how one carries himself.


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