T-pisode 20: Anniversary Post

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This post is about my anniversary! Not my marriage! Are you crazy?! Have you not been reading this blog?! No, we’re at a milestone here at t-blawg! This is my 20th post! Five months in the can! I wanted to use this post to thank all of my followers. Thank you! I really appreciate your support! I hope I can continue to do this forever. It’s fun and very therapeutic for me. It saves me from going to a damn shrink. Cause I know I need one. These posts allow me to share my writing and experiences with people who would never be able to read my film & television scripts, facebook updates, tweets, email blasts or offensive texts. And I also get to share my views with total strangers while building an audience and that audience has really grown. Fast. Very cool! It’s great hearing from people on Twitter http://twitter.com/tblawg and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/I-Read-t-blawg/339275225891 who have opinions on t-blawg and also those who just enjoy reading it to past time. And even those who don’t like it and find it offensive. I mainly continue to do this to spite you. Not only did I want to thank my followers with this post but I also wanted to mention and address a few things that have come up about this blog over the last 5 months.

Are you a real person?
Yep. I’m real. I am really this way. In some cases, I used to be a certain way but I’m getting better. Or worse. Depending on who you ask. Everything I write is a true story. Past or present. Every opinion is honest. Even the sarcastic ones. While I may be awesome, I am truly fucked in the head.

Why T?
That’s my nickname. That’s what I go by. It also allows me to write with some anonymity. I’m a businessman and I can’t be blowing up my spot! And it’s also the name of the damn blog.

Why not the normal “statement/question/opinion” topical blog?
Because everybody thinks they are a blogger these days. Like what they say and think is so damn important. Honestly, have you come across a blog yet and after reading it said “Wow. That person is right. Now I know. My life has been changed.” No! Go read those lame ass normal blogs if you want. But you know where your bread is buttered! Right here baby!!!

Why blawg over blog?
Blawg is a play on the Boston dialect. We have the coolest or dumbest sounding dialect. Again, depends on who you ask.

Can you put up a post more than once a week?
No. Even though I have a shit load of material, I am too damn busy! Just enjoy Monday AKA t-blawg day.

Why so anti-married life?
I’m really not. Yes I enjoy my single life and all the awesomeness it brings but there are perks to being married too. But I wouldn’t know because almost every married person I know is miserable. When I find that special lady who will put up with me, then I’ll change t-blawg accordingly. Exit awesome. Enter death. Just kidding! Not really. But for now, it’s a crazy single guy awesome life blog ok?

Comments please people!
I love getting tweets, facebook comments, texts, emails, phone calls and even those “Hey, your blog is awesome!” and “Hey, fuck you and your blog!” from people out in public, but what I really would appreciate is taking all of that feedback and actually seeing them as comments on the blog itself. That would be cool. Get a little interaction going and at least other people can see them instead of just me. This will also help expand and grow my audience. Much appreciated yo!

Well that’s all. Thank you again for reading t-blawg! Please continue to do so and tell your friends. I have a lot of writing in me and I plan on sharing it whether you like it or not.

Until next time. Always take it there.