T-pisode 46: Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women

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Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Chicks. Thank me later ladies.

This post is dedicated to the hottest and the most kind of famous women from Boston. Because I know a lot of hot women. Some I dated. Some I hooked up with. Some are friends. Some on facebook. Some on twitter. Some who work at my favorite spots. Some that love me. Some that hate me. I mean Boston has a lot of hot women. Period. But I am not going to put them on blast or blow up their spot or my own spot by naming them here. I’ve gotten enough crap from chicks I know because of this blog. Trust me! But I will name the most semi-famous most hottest Boston women ever. The three components to make this list are the Boston connection; their hotness factor; and what they’re most known for. I included links for proof! Here’s the list.

Maria Menounos
Boston connection:
Born & raised in Medford. Went to Emerson College. Reps the Celtics & Patriots all over the place. Plus we sometimes twitter flirt. Well mostly I do.
Hotness: Woman is a Greek Goddess! She is beautiful, funny and talented. And she let Howard Stern tickle her in the tickle chair. Plus she writes movies like a certain Boston blogger.
Known For: Access Hollywood; Maxim pics; Twitter; Going to Celtics games

Eliza Dushku
Boston connection:
Born & raised in Watertown. A Celtics fan. Hell she dates Rick Fox!
Hotness: She defines Boston tough girl hot. Has a killer body.
Known For: She was Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Was in that cheerleader movie; Maxim pics; Twitter; Obviously being a Celtics fan; And I danced next to her one time at Whiskey Park. Be jealous.

Kelly the Ball Girl
Boston connection:
From 2002-2005 she was the Ball Girl for the Red Sox. Went to Boston University.
Hotness: This girl distracted you if you had seats along the 3rd base line. She was so damn hot. I used to yell my number to her every time I sat near her. She never called. I should’ve put it on a sign.
Known For: Distracting drunk dudes at Sox games for 3 seasons. So many dudes got hit with foul balls because of her. Well worth the concussion.

Erin Hawksworth
Boston connection:
Former Fox 25 news reporter.
Hotness: The Hawk was the hottest, youngest and sexiest reporter ever. She could talk about a bunch of kids and nuns burning to death in a gasoline fire and all you would care about is her cleavage. Seriously.
Known For: Making guys care about the news. Please come back to Boston Erin!!!

Aubrey O’Day
Boston connection:
Ok. She’s not really connected to Boston but represents the Red Sox & Celtics and parties in Boston a lot. Hey it’s my damn list.
Hotness: She is hot as hell and out of her mind crazy. Check out her crazy incoherent tweets if you need proof.
Known For: Being in that Puffy all girl band on MTV. Now? I have no idea. She’s hot and crazy! That’s all that matters.

Elizabeth Banks
Boston connection:
She’s from some city in Mass. And she played Marky Mark’s girlfriend in that football movie. It wasn’t about the Patriots so I won’t name it.
Hotness: She has that wiseass funny hot thing going on. Boston chicks are known for wiseass funny hotness.
Known For: Besides the Marky Mark movie? Heard she is going to play Tinker Bell in the new Tinker Bell movie. Thank god I have nieces so I can make it seem like I’m only going to see the flick because of them. And she was the hot chick in the 40 Year Old Virgin.

Heidi Watney
Boston connection:
NESN reporter for Red Sox games.
Hotness: She warms up Fenway even in October. Usually. Except this season. Nice job pitchers! Now we have to wait until next season.
Known For: Being sexy and giving us Red Sox updates during innings when Don & Jerry want to look at her like the rest of us.

Frances Rivera
Boston connection:
Tells us the news on channel 7.
Hotness: She makes you actually want to watch the damn news.
Known For: Being a hot chick newscaster and is always out and about in Boston wearing hot little outfits at fashion shows.

The Monahans:
JC Monahan
Gretta Monahan
Bridget Moynahan-So she spells it with a “Y”! So what.
Boston connection: One is the hottest weather girl in Boston history. Another is a rich, cougar, beauty empire mogul. The other is a hot actress that used to go out with the great Tom Brady. Combined, they are the Monahans.
Hotness: There’s friggin’ 3 of them! That’s hot.
Known For: The weather. Newbury Street stuff. Coyote Ugly. Respectively.

Gisele Budchen
Boston connection:
I’m not really a big Gisele fan. Tom Brady and I were once neighbors and I’ve seen her a few times. She’s really not that hot in person. But she was a Victoria’s Secret model and super rich. So she made the list.
Hotness: She whipped Tom Brady. Seriously. I blame her for his Bieber do.
Known For: Never going to Patriots games. Which is weird.

Krista Lackey
Boston connection:
Her husband is an overpaid, overrated Red Sox pitcher.
Hotness: She’s so hot that I want to trade her husband back to the Angels and keep her in Boston. Is this possible? Who can make this happen?
Known For: Being a hot baseball player’s wife. That’s it really.

Alexa Flutie
Boston connection:
The great Doug Flutie’s hot daughter and a Miss Mass.
Hotness: She’ll make you want to stay in bed for some Flutie Flakes. And I ain’t talking cereal! I don’t even know what that means. Sounded funny.
Known For: She’s known for being Doug Flutie’s hot daughter. Flutie is a Boston legend. Respect.

Kelly Karloff
Boston connection:
A Boston model that works for Boston clothing biz Karmaloop.
Hotness: I like to think of her as Boston’s Megan Fox. Except with normal thumbs.
Known For: She’s a damn model. Go look at her pics. I’ve ran into her out and about on the scene before. Surprisingly for a professional Boston hot chick, she was nice. Which happens like almost never.

Ayla Brown
Boston connection:
She went to BC. Her dad is our Senator. And he also posed naked in Cosmo. Yep. He makes us proud.
Hotness: She’s tall, athletic and so hot that her dad tried to pimp her out to would be suitors for dates.
Known For: Horrible American Idol. And her controversial Senator dad. Either way, this chick is a keeper. Whichever dude bags her is set for life. She would be a great way to get into politics and start my political career now that I think about it.

So there it is. Boston’s most hottest, kind of famous women. If this list does anything, it is guaranteed to up traffic to all these chicks’ websites, twitter feeds and facebook pages. They better thank me. Call me ladies! Or at least put me on all of your “Boston’s Awesome, Hottest, Most Talented and Funny as Hell” lists! Actually, I should be the only guy on this list. Seriously. If Dane Cook ends up on it, I will be pissed.

Until next time. Always take it there.



  1. LOL @ “She’ll make you want to stay in bed for some Flutie Flakes.” Good one!

    Not that you’ve asked, but I totally disagree with Ayla Brown being “so hot.” She isn’t hideous, but certainly does not belong in the “hot” category – she’s just plain awkward!

    I’ve enjoyed the read, as always … keep it going, T.

    A wiseass Eastie girl


    1. Hey she’s kind of famous and she reads t-blawg. She had to make the list off that alone!


    1. A total unfunny douche. I am ashamed that he is from Boston. I find myself apologizing for him often.


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