T-pisode 100: T’s Boston Hall of Fame Class of 2011

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I’ll induct myself one day. No really.

There are a few trademark featured series on t-blawg. There are my “T Does ‘Some City’ in 3 Paragraphs.” People seem to dig my takes on cities. Cool. There are also my signature “Valentine’s Day Sucks” & “Festivus” traditions that really get the crowd going. And of course  the mack daddy, daddy mack t-blawg trademark series “The Bro Code” baby! Well today I would like to add a new series to the always growing, always innovating original entertainment life blueprint known as t-blawg. It is something very close to my ice cold heart…Boston of course. Every year starting with this post I would like to honor some extra special people of Boston right here on t-blawg! These people have done something for Boston. Won something for Boston. Put on for Boston. Are proud of Boston!!! They are friggin’ Boston icons and they should be recognized and treated so. Like myself. So without further ado, I present my “T’s Boston Hall of Fame Class of 2011!”

Awesome Boston Athlete
Terry ‘Tito’ Francona

How the hell do I start off by inducting Tito over legendary Boston athletes like Bird, Orr, Brady or even coach Bill Belichick? Take it easy. Before the epic collapse of the Red Sox last season and all the garbage that has been spewed about the team and their coach, you have to remember one thing. This is the coach who broke ‘The Curse’ people! He coached a team of idiots all season long, from the brink of an 0-3 elimination against the Yankees, then swept the Cardinals 4-0 and won the first Red Sox World Series in 86 damn years! Then won another one 3 years later! He did the impossible. And for that, he goes in as my first athlete in the T Boston Hall. Thank you Tito.

Crazy Ass Underground Boston Celebrity
Tricycle Louie

What the fuck is a ‘Tricycle Louie’ you say?! Ok. Ever walk down Newbury or Boylston street and hear “Eh! Eh! Eh!” grow louder and louder as you walk? Then see a giant tricycle with flags on it flapping in the wind? Being driven by what looks like a blind toothless demon who just escaped from the depths of hell??? Well. That’s Tricycle Louie! He’s a god damn moving Boston landmark people! And a nice guy actually. He’s been riding that giant, rusty tricycle for years. And he’s saying “Move! Move! Move!” by the way because he doesn’t want to run your ass over. But he will. Louie is the first T Boston Hall Underground Celebrity for being that crazy yet awesome.

Ultimate Boston Hottie
Maria Menounos

I have shown my love for Maria many times on t-blawg. We go way back to when we were both non-famous kids working at Dunkin’ Donuts and shared a love for Kelly’s Roast Beef. She has since become more famous than me. But still puts on for Boston every chance she gets. This Greek Goddess is my first T Boston Hall Boston Hottie. End of hottie story. Call me Maria.

Epic Boston Team
The 2010 Boston Bruins

The 2010 Bruins go in before the 2001 Pats, before the ’04 Red Sox Idiots and before the ’08 Celtics because quite simply the Boston Bruins were the last of the losers. The last of the heart breaking Boston teams. They were untouched by the Pink Hatters. Their major fan base was straight loyal white trash. And the Bruins finally reached the pinnacle of Boston sports team awesomeness by winning the Stanley Cup and completing the Boston decade of sports dominance by all four of our teams. By doing that, they earned their first class ticket induction into the T Boston Hall of Fame Class of 2011!

Proud Boston Bro
Ben Affleck

I give Ben a lot of shit. Absolutely. From his old shitty acting. To Gigli. To the time I saw him at game 1 of the ’04 World Series with big ass J-Lo. To his famous ‘Ass Face’ chin. But that’s what bros do. Bust each other’s balls. But let it be known. No other famous person from Boston puts on for Boston more than Ben Motherfuckin’ Affleck! From being Chucky in ‘Good Will’ and co-writing it with Matt. To winning the damn Oscar for it. To directing the shit out of the filmed in Boston ‘Gone Baby, Gone.’ To directing and starring in the filmed in Boston and shooting the fuck out of Fenway Park ‘The Town!’ For bringing the underrated ‘Company Men’ here to Boston for filming. And now going to direct the “James ‘Whitey’ Bulger” movie here in Boston. He is Hollywood East! He is Boston entertainment! And that is why he goes in as my first Boston Bro! I hope he directs one of my scripts one day. A T script directed by Ben Affleck would end the fucking world from too much damn Boston awesomeness!!!

Ass Kicking Boston Movie
The Departed

This goes in over ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘The Town’, ‘Mystic River’ and ‘Gone Baby, Gone’ because from top to bottom, this movie was stacked with pure fucking awesomeness that extended beyond Boston. This movie punched every other movie in the face when it came out and had all of Boston saying to the world “Say hi to your mother for me.” Boom. In the Hall first it goes.

Most Talked About Boston Weather Event in the History of History
Blizzard of ’78

We get our share of shitty weather. No doubt. But that’s how we roll around here. Most of us don’t complain. We just live with it. But now and then there comes a weather event that just plain fucks shit up. And no other weather event fucked shit up more than the “Blizzard of ‘78” because people still talk about this damn blizzard like it was an end of the world zombie apocalypse or some shit! And for that alone it goes in as the first Hall Boston Weather Event! Now please stop talking about it. No one died.

Most Famous Boston Family
The Kennedys

They are the United State’s version of royalty. No? They are the most famous and have achieved the most success and suffered the most loss and it all was covered every way possible by the news and historians over so many years. And they originated from my old neighborhood of East Boston and have been a Cape Cod staple for years. I can go on and on about JFK, Jackie, Bobby, Teddy, John Jr. etc. but the one Kennedy who stands out for me personally is Joe Kennedy. You see, Joe helped bring assisted home heating programs to Eastie when I was a kid. So he went around to all the schools and met all the mothers. My mother loved that Joe Kennedy for being such a nice, handsome and successful man. In some weird way, I looked at Joe as a normal father figure. So for his impact on my mother and youth, along with the rest of the Kennedys, they go in as the first Boston Family into my Boston Hall. They might be the only family ever. Unless I put in my crazy ass family one day.

In Your Face Boston Neighborhood

Over the North End? Back Bay? Southie??? Hell fuckin’ yeah! It’s my old neighborhood. And if you think I have already told all there is to tell about Eastie, you are nuts. Those stories will be told on here or on the big screen one way or the other. Eastie is the real Boston neighborhood. It’s people know why. It goes into the Hall first.

Legendary Boston Legend
Paul Revere

Because Johnny Depp is making a movie about him. And he warned everybody that the British were coming. He is the only reason why you don’t talk with a British accent fool! Respect. So go walk ‘The Freedom Trail’ and pour some out in front of his statue. NOW! In the Boston T Hall of Fame Paul Revere goes.

There it is. My Boston Hall of Fame Class of 2011. Not your typical hall of fame right? But what did you expect? T ain’t typical. So why would my Boston Hall of Fame be? And neither will next year’s class!

What do you think of my class of 2011? Anyone you think should’ve went in before these awesome Boston people? Any recommendations for next year? Let me know! Tweet me!

Until next time. Always take it there.