T-pisode 101: T Says Goodbye to Entourage

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Ari and Drama were the show!

I remember watching an episode of ‘The Sopranos’ in late Winter of 2004. All of a sudden this cool, bad ass preview of this show about a group of regular guys living the life in Hollywood came on. I knew this show was going to be awesome. Not only as a screenwriter. Not only as a fan of good television. But as a man. Men needed this show to be awesome. This show was ‘Entourage.’ I told everybody about this show and then in July of 2004, ‘Entourage’ debuted. It was magical. It lit up Sundays nights in a whole different way than ‘The Sopranos’ did. Guys finally had their ‘Sex and the City’ without all the catty, annoying female garbage that guys don’t like. This show was for men and it was everything we liked. Forget about the last few seasons. I have. Seasons 1-4 were the most epic run of the greatest guy show in the history of history and it will be missed.

From Vince’s breakout first movie ‘Head On’ to the artsy & independent and later to go big studio ‘Queens Boulevard’ to the ‘Spider-Man’ record killing ‘Aquaman’ to the epic flop that was ‘Medellin,’ we watched as Vince, E, Drama, Turtle and Ari gave guys everywhere a reason to want to be awesome. They were regular guys living the dream! Living in a world of awesomeness full of money, women, partying, cars, celebrities, playmates, models, athletes, houses, trips and fun. Every guy now had an entourage of their own. Every guy said to their bro “You’re definitely E.” “You’re the jerk of the crew like Ari.” “You’re the useless one like Turtle.” Every Sunday from 2004-2007 I would watch the show with my entourage. They would say “T. That’s us when you finally sell a script. Except we’re from Boston. Which is better.” And when I didn’t make it to my cousin’s house to watch the show, one of us would immediately call the other and say “Did you watch?!” We automatically knew what the other was talking about! “Did you see Drama punch that dude and start the fight with Seth Green in Vegas?! Awesome! That’s us.” My cousin and I would always say that you knew you were going to have a good week if Entourage was a good episode. And you know what? We always did.

Even though ‘Entourage’ technically ran for 8 seasons, it ran out of juice creatively after season 4. I believe that the downfall turn really started to take place when season 3 was split at the end of Summer 06 and then returned in Spring 07. The show was still great during this time but this is where the loyal fun group of guys started to change. This was when the show left off with Vince leaving Ari and hiring Amanda as his agent and then started banging her. The long struggling Johnny Drama finally found success again with ‘Five Towns.’ The boys put all their money into a ‘Medellin’ that was doomed from script. And then season 4 was entirely about the ‘Medellin’ disaster and both E & Ari finding other clients beyond Vince. Hell, even Turtle started to do something! Stupid useless Turtle! After that, in seasons 5-8 the show lost it. The charm and fun were gone. It went serious. It went dark. It went boring. But lets remember ‘Entourage’ for that early greatness it unleashed on the world. Until another show can do what that show did in only 30 minutes every Sunday for 4 straight seasons, it remains the greatest bro show ever. So from all the Boston T Family & Friends Entourage to all of you the real ‘Entourage’, so long and thank you. But please. Don’t make a damn ‘Entourage’ movie.

What do you think? Was ‘Entourage’ the most bro show in history in its prime? Will you miss it? Let me know! Twitter or Facebook the kid.

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