T-pisode 22: Moving

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Moving means change. I’ve only moved 3 times in my entire life. Crazy right? I know people that move annually. Not me. Just one more non-average thing about me. I couldn’t afford to live at school when I was in college since all of the costs were on me and I helped out at home too. So I moved out with 2 years left in college into my first apartment. An in-law apartment in my sister’s house. My sister & bro-in-law knew I had to get out of my parents’ place and they gave me a sweet deal. Nice place. Parking spot. Pool. Laundry. Cheap rent. Home cooked meals! And I got to play with my nieces & nephew any time I wanted. I lived there for 9 years. It was great. Most of the closest family members I gave a shit about were in the same neighborhood and I was just 10 minutes away from shooting into downtown for work and play. I consider these my transition years. Went from a kid who thought he knew everything to a man who realized he didn’t know shit. I finished college. Got my first real job in corporate America learning how to make some clean, honest money. I also got into screenwriting during this time. And made a lot of mistakes while trying to have fun while out playing. During this whole time, I managed to keep my home life safe. Stable. No drama. No fighting at home like I did while growing up. My first apartment was my sanctuary. A safe place. A quiet zone. My next place? Eh not so much.

The next place I moved into was properly dubbed “The Boss Condo”. It fit my ego. My lifestyle. Because at this time in my life, I was ready to step it up. Step it all up! I had come into my own in life. I was older, making great money and knew exactly what I wanted. A place in downtown Boston where I can enjoy the finer things in life! Women. Clubs. Alcohol. Fenway 2 blocks away. Movies filming outside almost daily. New friends. More money. And being able to come and go without worrying about anything or anybody but myself for a change. I did just that. For 2 years I partied my ass off! Hard! Out 4-5 nights a week. Made a lot of new friends. Met a lot of new women. Got tickets to any game I wanted. Got on every movie set. Built a hell of a network. And went to every hotspot in Boston. Mission accomplished baby. And that shit took it’s friggin’ toll on me. But it also grew me up in ways I didn’t know I needed to grow up. When I reflected on this time, it turned out that it wasn’t all just partying and women. I actually became a better screenwriter. Started my own business. Became close friends with some great people. Got into mixed martial arts. And sewn the wildest of oats without too many regrets. This is what a single man with ambition does people!!! Don’t judge. Just acknowledge.

Now, I’m definitely grown up. Not all grown up. But getting there. I’m turning that corner in life. You’ll know it when you get there. Believe me. Maybe you already have. I plan for this new place to be my last place before I get where I know I’m going. The past is in the past. No more mistakes. No more drama. No more learning. I know where I’m at in my life. I’ve put the work in. Laid the foundation to build a life of success, health and happiness. That much is certain. With that, the next phase in my life will most likely see things getting a little more serious for me in every way possible. Now I won’t get into all that here, because this is still t-blawg yo! Plus I can’t put an exact timeframe on all of that. Because some things you just can’t plan. So I’ll get there. And have a great time while I’m here at this place! So it’s going to be some busy, fun and of course awesome next few years! I know now that I’ll never look back and say “I should’ve tried that when I was single.” “Could’ve did that when I lived in town.” “Why didn’t I go there when I didn’t have kids?” “I hate my job working for this asshole.” I’ve always lived my life without too many regrets and learned from almost every mistake. I’m pretty strategic. Routine yet spontaneous. Smart yet sometimes pretty damn stupid. Quiet but really fucking loud mostly. Remembering where you come from, knowing where you are now and where you want to go in life is a great feeling. But not knowing what can happen next? It’s why we really make moves in life.

Bet you thought this was going to be about how packing and moving furniture sucks and shit right? Little deeper than that.

Until next time. Always take it there.