T-pisode 52: The 52 Things That Made T-blawg

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The man who changed blogging forever

This is my 52nd blog post. That’s right. The world has been graced with 1 year of t-blawg! 52 straight Mondays of awesomeness. 52 weeks of blog posts that gave the world my stories, my opinions, my attitude, my advice, my life. And the world has been forever changed. This blog is growing and becoming quite popular. Who knew?! Me! That’s who!!! To celebrate Year One of t-blawg I decided to list the 52 things that made t-blawg semi-famous. Made it loved. Made it hated. Made it entertaining. Bottom line, these 52 things made t-blawg what it is. And there’s nothing else like it.

Festivus. It allowed me to yell at people who failed me throughout the year during the holidays while sucking the merry out of so many people. Get ready for “Festivus 2”. The sequel arrives in 2 weeks!

My 2009 Facebook updates. For some reason people keep going to this post. It was a great year for me. So thanks I guess?

Antonio Tomasino Manicotti and his way with love & pizza.

Every guy that was “That Guy”. Thanks for douching it up so I know what not to be.

All my game dates. Most of you were game date worthy. Except you damn pink hatters.

The MIRACLES system. It works people!

My stance on Valentines Day . It hasn’t changed.

I still don’t have kids. Not that I know of! ZING!!! Still never gets old.

The “Logic vs Feelings” battle that was born because I don’t have kids. We lost a lot of good men in that war.

Still don’t have a dog of my own . Still borrowing dogs to pull hot chicks. Word yo.

Living by the Bro Code has inspired other men to live by it as well. So proud of this post I could cry. But real men don’t cry.

I have heard so many more shitty bands play and have yet to hear a good “non-professional” band play. I’m not budging on this. Suck it.

Still speaking my own language on the occasion. Still making up my own names for things. It’s fun.

My “Legendary Childhood Moments” stories, part 1 and part 2, are now being shared in abstinence classes across the country.

Looking forward to another decade of Boston sports dominance so I can have more epic game moments. It’s the Bruins turn baby!!!

The scene is still exactly the same. EXACTLY the same.

A special thanks to the lovely ladies in my bullpen. Good looks yo. More men are stacking a bullpen. Thank me now.

No thanks or love to all you women I avoid. In volume.

I still hate you Justin Bieber.

Why are so many assholes still wearing too many team pieces and painting themselves at games??? Go re-read the “Game Gear Rules” post please!

Unfortunately, some women in my life turned out to be “That Chick”. You live, you learn, you run as fast as you fucking can away from them!

My “Boston Law” rules, declarations and penalties are being presented to Congress as you read this. Can’t wait to go to like Delaware and hear people talking like me there. Awesome.

Still keeping Winnie Cooper off of my “Top TV Kid Crushes”. Go make your own damn list. She was meh at best.

How come “My Kind of Woman” was one of my most viewed posts by so many women but yet I still haven’t found her? Maybe I should become more realistic? Compromise? Hmmm. This was my second realest post. Seriously.

People who go to jobs that require them to wear costumes are all still kiddie diddlers in my eyes. All of them.

Realized that I might be the only “Real Man” that doesn’t do any of that shit on that list. King of Kings??? I think so!

My birthday epiphany came and went. That’s what she said.

At least one ex-“Crazy Pet Chick” threatened my life. She said her cat told her to do it. Psychooooo.

If you followed any of those “Booze For Every Occasion” protocols, you’re even more fucking nuts than I am. You lush. I applaud you.

I know the 9/11 post was really different from what you usually get on t-blawg. But that was the realest post you got from me. No regrets.

Why the fuck are so many people still “DOING IT WRONG”?! Do I see another volume to this post coming in t-blawg Year 2? You bet your ass.

Glad to see some dudes saying that they now follow the “Bro Dress Code”. Not so glad that I have to go out and still see so many assholes not following it.

Really cool that so many people are also living like “Living Legends” out there in the world. Keep striving to rock the shit out of your life and the lives of everybody you know! Have even more stories to tell!

My stance on LA was accurate. T don’t do apologies.

“Boston’s Hottest & Kinda Famous Women” was my biggest post. It brought attention and even celebrity followers to t-blawg. That was unreal.

Had no idea so many women felt the same way about bachelorette parties. Now let’s see if they talk the talk and don’t walk the walk so my night doesn’t get ruined.

Still waiting for all those haters to “One-Up” this blog. You can do this? So do it already. Big up to all my haters! Hahaha.

That was….is…and will always be my Vegas. End of story. Don’t blame me. I didn’t build the place. I just enjoy it.

You think WordPress will “Freshly Press” a t-blawg post in year 2??? No? Me neither. Expect that “Joy of Baking Then Eating Red Velvet Cupcakes” post soon. Yeah right. Say hi to your mother for me WordPress.

I didn’t judge you or your tattoos. Damn. Ok. I did.

Well that was more like 40 things. So here are the special people/things that are a part of the 52 things that made t-blawg awesome as well:

My friends/family/my boys/the lovely ladies all from my city of Boston!

These special ladies for reading, tweeting and following: Eliza Dushku/Maria Menounos/Kelly Barons/Ayla Brown/Erin Hawksworth/Arianny Celeste

These cool dudes for reading, tweeting and following: Michael Chiklis/Mayor Menino/Governor Patrick/Jerry Remy

Playboy & NESN. Hot chicks & Boston sports respectively.

Condoms. No really.

These 3 special ladies: That passionate VA actress chick living in LA that loves t-blawg. Next time we’re hanging out! That blogger chick that loves dating, zombies and t-blawg. That LA chick no longer on her year-long mission who needs a real man like T! Come to Boston!

My teams: Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics & Bruins.

Every bar that has ever served me alcohol.

Special shout out to Boston.com, MTV, Miller Lite, that hack Boston men’s magazine with pretend models and keeps putting out those recycled, typo filled shit articles and all those other wannabe “edgy” bloggers/writers for ripping off my shit this past year. How about giving me credit from now on? Thanks.

The women that have come and gone but will live forever on these pages but will forever be nameless. Thank you to some and fuck you to the rest. Haha.

My mother for not killing her evil son. Thanks Ma. Glad you didn’t shit when I showed this blog to you.

And all of you! The readers/Fellow bloggers/The people who comment/The people who subscribe/The Twitter followers/The Facebook fans. You guys make this blog too because you read the shit I write.

So there you have it. The 52 things that made t-blawg. Year 1 was awesome. Year 2 will be even better. You keep coming back and I’ll keep writing. I’m treating this blog like a TV series. I have an ending in mind. If it works out that way. 😉

In year 1, I took it there. In year 2, I’ll fucking take it even further.

Until next time. Always take it there.



  1. Congrats on your anniversary! I was so immersed in my own world I forgot to come by and congratulate you.

    I have yet to read all these awesome posts but today’s post is a good primer for me to get started…I think I will start with “My Kind of Lady”…


    1. Thank you!

      And I would like for you to read that one. I really want to know what you think about it.

      And all the rest of my posts 😉


      1. They’re all full of that and my wit and Boston charm.

        As far as my “My Kind of Woman” post goes. I’ll take 33% of what I wrote in there if I already kind of dig her. 😉


  2. You know I appreciate your opinion posts, your list posts, etc. What I really love are the posts in which you’re most real. They’re glimpses into who T is that make the blog. For me, anyway. 🙂

    Hats off to you and best wishes for an even more successful second year!

    (And thanks for the shout-out. 😉 )


    1. I appreciate that. I try to do my best by mixing it up but still staying honest and entertaining. I never lie so nothing I write is made up. I think readers appreciate all of that.

      And you’re welcome for the shout out. 😉


  3. Ha! Even reading the paraphrase versions of your blogs makes me lol…I liked the 911 one. I read it a few times. Being that real is powerful, there is no need to be funny.
    Btw I was shopping the other day and I heard, “I’m gettin’ nuttin’ for Christmas Cause I ain’t been nuttin’ but bad.” Immediately I thought of you and your Legendary Childhood Moments 1&2…I think that song was meant for you 🙂


    1. When I used to crank call Santa, he threatened to give me coal and reindeer shit. Who says that to a kid?! I only called and threatened him like 20 times a day. It wasn’t warranted.


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