T-pisode 66: Social Media-I’m All Set

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I usually write t-blawg posts months out in advance. In case you were wondering about the method to my mad….um awesomeness. But I’m writing this one fresh and off the cuff. I need to address something that has been bothering me. You see, I was raised Catholic. I’m Italian. So. But I’ve grown a disdain for all organized religion and all the bullshit that comes along with it. I’m not getting into it here. This is t-blawg. We all know what you came here for. So let’s just say that I don’t really partake in religious activities. I haven’t in years. But for some reason I decided to give up something for Lent this year. And what I’ve given up is social media. That’s right. Well mainly I’ve given up Facebook and Twitter. Why social media you say? Why not sports? Women? Being awesome? Because that shit would just be impossible! No social media for 46 days? That I can do.

As much as I enjoy social media, I chose to give up the Big 2 for the duration of Lent because I just can’t fucking take people on Facebook and Twitter anymore! All they do is talk about stupid shit. About what they’re constantly doing at every given fucking second. What they’re eating. Why their job sucks. Who they hate. Why they hate them. Every second. “Eating a bagel”. Every second. “This Bachelor this season is an asshole!” Every second. “My commute was brutal again today!” Every second. “Why am I still awake right now?!” Every second. Joe Fuckface Just Checked into CVS…Just Checked into The Gym…Just Checked into His Work….Just Checked into His House….Just Checked into Rehab. Mary NeedleTits is now the Mayor of Whoreville…Mary NeedleTits Just Opened Her Legs Badge…..WHO GIVES A FUCK?! You have a lot of balls thinking each one of your friends, family members and followers want to know this stupid shit every single second. ENOUGH! I need a break from it all. Social media was intended to connect people. Introduce you to new products. Entertain you with information that you can share with others while growing in a positive direction. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!!! This is not interesting. It’s not entertaining. And don’t give me that, “Just turn off their updates” bullshit. Because if we do that to each other, then what’s the point of even being Facebook friends? If we turn each other off, then we might as well delete each other I say. And how the hell are you living and enjoying your life when you’re constantly updating your shit while you’re out and supposed to be having fun?! How about you try focusing more on your social life, not your social media life ok? Or take that shit and go to the social media sites out there made specifically for stuff like that. Like here where you can vent about your job.  Great site! ;). But keep it off the Big 2 for fucks sake.

So for 46 days I’m not partaking in it. I know. I know. So many of you love my Facebook updates and awesome tweets but you’re going to have to live without good old T for awhile. For 46 days I will not go on any of my personal or t-blawg Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. I’m on a damn sabbatical. I’m only going to post my world-famous and beloved blog posts every Monday until April 24th. Easter Sunday I’ll make my epic return to the world of social media. If you know me in the real world and need to get me, pick up the phone. I certainly won’t answer. But it’ll make my cold little heart feel good. Or text me. Or just make an attempt to see me in person! Get off Facebook. Get off Twitter. Stop it. And if you only know me on here, then submit a comment. I’ll answer. I’m hoping that when I come back things will be different. Or at least I’ll be a little more tolerant. Or a bunch of people will have deleted me, doing my ass a favor! But until then, as far as social media goes for the duration of Lent, I’m all set.

Until next time. Always take it there.



  1. Good shit. I’m with you, not overly relgious – but still give something up for Lent. This year it’s coffee – and I’m kind of dying.

    Props on the social media thing, since you’re 99% is worthless BS. Everyone’s commute sucked and no one gives a shit what your kid just did, and enjoy the lovely dinner at the restaurant you just ‘checked into’ and didn’t invite me – choke on yer food!

    I’ll be sure to Retweet your new posts for ya! Good luck.


    1. Thanks man I appreciate it! Keep twitter entertaining. I’ll be back to bringing offensive joy to it again with you soon!


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