T-pisode 92: Most Awesome #Twitter Chicks

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No chicks were harmed in the writing of this blog post

There are tons of #hot chicks on Twitter. Tons of #funny chicks. Tons of #awesome chicks. Tons! Some I follow. Some follow me. Some read #t-blawg. Some do not. Some are from #Boston. Some are not. Some are #sports fans. Some have tons of twitter groupies. Some don’t even care. But these chicks are physically hot. #Sexy. #Smart. #Wiseasses. Combine these great qualities and you have some really awesome chicks that I relentlessly #flirt with on twitter. Hey. I’m a flirt. I’m just built that way. And there’s a huge difference between being a flirt and being a #creep. #BroCode baby. Know it. Anyways. I dig these chicks. They make Twitter fun for me on my @tblawg account. So here they are and why I dig them in 140 characters or less! My “Most Awesome #Twitter Chicks” list!*

*This list excludes those hotties listed in my Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women and Top 10 Future Celebrity Ex-Wives posts. Sorry ladies. Spreading the #love.

What can I say about Bethanie? A lot. I used to get to see her every Sunday at the bar. Now she’s @Playboy’s (who also follow me BTW) “2011 Cyber Girl of the Year”. And still as nice and down to earth as ever.

A hotter, younger version of #MeganFox? Maybe. She puts up makeup videos for other hot chicks on #YouTube. And she’s a little sweetheart.

#Breasts. #justsaying.

She is a #Boston girl. She’s hot. She’s funny. And she replies to my crazy ass tweets to her with an LOL. But has yet to follow me back. It’s ok. I’ll win her follow eventually.

Probably one of the hottest women to come out of #Canada. Her body is just ridiculous. And she tweets pics of it often. God bless this woman. Her country is still lame though.

A funny, hot #actress who “favorited” on of my tweets once and replied to another one. Any actress who does that makes my list! A few actresses actually like t-blawg.

I came across Carla watching an episode of #Manswers once. I asked her on Twitter if that was her. She said yes. She wears duct tape on her breasts. Nothing else. And she’s a rocker bad ass. So I follow her.

Funny, cool ass #MILF.

A fellow #blogger. Knows a lot about dating like me. And a hot #LA chick. What else do you need?

She was in the #SocialNetwork. Filmed in Boston. She replied back to two of my tweets. I now watch #VampireDiaries because of her. Not afraid to admit it.

So there they are. The elite women of My “Most Awesome #Twitter Chicks” list! Now don’t get mad ladies who did not make my list this time. Maybe a little more #TwitterLove and you’ll make the next one. I’m just kidding. #notreally
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  1. Thanks for the shout my friend! I am honored to be placed along side these sexy ladies! I’m not built like that anymore (damn kids!) but I will always keep it real and Milfy! 😉

    Keep Rock’n


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