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Women love doing the T-blawg Pose

On October 25, 2010 I put up a T-pisode like I do every Monday. I’m known for putting up lists every now and then. But this one was special. This one put T-blawg on the map. “Boston’s Most Hottest & Kinda Famous Women” made T-blawg searchable and famous. It has been viewed more than any other T-pisode in the almost 3 year history of T-blawg. Most of the women on that list thanked me personally and helped out this site. You can’t search “Boston’s hottest women” or “Famous women from Boston” without immediately finding T-blawg now. It made T-blawg a monster! And now it’s time for me to give back. Time for one more list. Time for the sequel!

Like the original, this T-pisode is dedicated to the hottest and the most kind of famous women from Boston. Because I STILL know a lot of hot women. Some I dated. Some I hooked up with. Some are friends. Some on Facebook. Some on Twitter. Some who work at my favorite spots. Some that love me. Some that hate me. I mean Boston has a lot of hot women. Period. But I am STILL not going to put them on blast or blow up their spot or my own spot by naming them here. By now you all know that I’ve gotten enough crap from chicks I know because of this site. But I will name some more of the most semi-famous and most hottest Boston women ever. The three components to make this list still stand! They are: The Boston connection; Their hotness factor; and What they’re most known for. And once again, I included links for proof! Here are the new 16.

Kristine Leahy
Boston connection: I first saw Kristine Leahy a few years ago at a Celtics game. She would interview players, coaches and fans in the Garden. Now she works for Fox 25. This girl is no Pink Hatter.
Hotness: She is gorgeous and has no problem climbing into the octagon to take down pro MMA fighters. Which she did once.
Known For: Being a reporter; The news; Twitter

Nelly Carreno
Boston connection: Boston has it’s fair share of hottie weather chicks. The most underrated in my opinion is this woman who works for NECN.
Hotness: I was at Finagle A Bagel about a year ago waiting for my sammich and they always have NECN on in there during lunch. Then BOOM…the hottest most curvaceous woman to ever stand in front of a digital map and point at weather fronts was on screen and giving what seemed like a personal forecast straight to me. I swear!
Known For: The weather; NECN; Having curves for days.

Ashley Daniels
Boston connection: There are few girls born in Boston who actually go out to LA and work their asses off to get into showbiz. Ashley is one of those girls.
 She is also one of the sweetest girls on Twitter.
Hotness: Have you seen her website? Look at her. Also watch the opening credits to the TNT show “Franklin and Bash” to see a great shot of Ashley’s bum in every episode.
Known For: Franklin and Bash; Filmed in Boston comedy “What’s Your Number?;” Twitter

Arielle Reitsma
Boston connection: This Boston model went out to LA and has found such an online following that it is impossible not to come across her pics on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc!
Hotness: She is so hot that other girls have created bogus accounts with her pics. So much so that her own Twitter was recently disabled!
Known For: The entire friggin’ internet!

Brittany Baldi
Boston connection: I stumbled upon this girl on Twitter not too long ago. She puts on for local movies and modeling gigs. I googled her and saw her pics and instantly fell in love.
Hotness: She doesn’t look like a “typical” Boston chick (See Ted?). She also tweets and Facebooks all types of nice positive shit that girls who look like her usually don’t do. That makes her that much hotter.
Known For: Boston movies; Twitter; Model Mayhem; Future Hollywood dominance one day!

Boston connection: JoJo was a local teeny bopper that put out teeny bopper music and made it big.
 Then she grew up.
Hotness: The little girl grew into a damn hottie and posts pics of herself on the interwebs. She is now mostly known more for being hot than her music and I’m ok with that.
Known For: Music; The internet; Putting on for the Celtics

Jenny Dell
Boston connection: Jenny Dell is now the Red Sox reporter that had the difficult task of replacing original Boston’s Hottest hottie Heidi Watney!
Hotness: The jury is still out whether she can replace the legend that is Heidi Watney but damn Jenny is smoking hot. And there is something about her voice that is so sexy. She has been one of the few good things during this shitty stink that the Red Sox are in. Thank you Jenny Dell.
Known For: Being the new hottie Red Sox reporter

Bree Sison
Boston connection: She is a new news reporter for WBZ in Boston.
Hotness: I was on my way to the office a few months ago and walked by a hottie reporter talking about the trees that were dying in Copley Sq. I didn’t give a shit about the trees but I had to find out who this woman was. So I watched the news that night and my TV screen was blessed with the presence that is Bree Sison. I followed and tweeted her on Twitter. She followed and tweeted back. That made her 100 times hotter!
Known For: The news; Beauty pageants; Twitter

Kathryn Tappen
Boston connection: Used to be the NESN Bruins hottie sports anchor.
Hotness: For about 5 years we were graced with Kathryn’s presence during Bruins games until she up and left for the NHL network. And I think she married a Devils player??? She had a great smile and a great rack. She also looked a lot like Heidi Watney. Bonus!
Known For: Bruins stuff; NHL stuff

Jackie Bruno
Boston connection: Jackie was Miss Massachusetts 2008 and is now a news report for NECN.
Hotness: This woman is all bedroom eyes, smiles and boobs. The perfect on air package if you ask me.
Known For: Beauty pageants; NECN

Jennifer Coolidge
Boston connection: She is the original MILF and born in Boston!
Hotness: I don’t care if this woman is old. The word MILF didn’t exist until she played a MILF in American Pie. For that she will always be in the history books. Respect.
Known For: Being the original MILF!

Julie McNiven
Boston connection: Local girl who worked on The Spirit of Boston boat! I shit you not.
Hotness: I wanted a hottie ginger on the list and well Hildy from Mad Men fit the bill.
Known For: Mad Men; Being a hottie ginger

Daniela Ruah
Boston connection: Was born in Boston, moved to Portugal and then became a hottie actress on NCIS.
Hotness: This girl is a Portuguese princess and I want to see more of her! I had no idea who the hell she was until I put together this list. I don’t know much but now I’m on a damn mission people!
Known For: TV shows; And I need to find more shit!

Julia Jones
Boston connection: Boston actress that plays the hottie Indian wolf chick in the crappy Twilight movies.
Hotness: I hate Twilight. Because I’m a grown ass man. But I’m also an uncle so I have to watch these flicks with my nieces. Turns out the hottie Indian wolf chick is from Boston. She would be even hotter if she eats the wimpy vampire dude and pussy werewolf dude in the last Twilight flick.
Known For: Painful Twilight movies

Natasha Yi
Boston connection: Natasha is a smoking hot Asian chick from Boston who may or may not be a professional model.
Hotness: All I know is, if you google this chick you will find a shit load of hot pics of her all over the place. That was enough for me to put her on this list.
Known For: A bunch of hot pics

Kimberly Alexis Howe
Boston connection: Boston chick who appeared in a pic with Paulina Gretzky and became internet famous.
Hotness: I think she is a model. Maybe even an actress. I’m not sure. But I do think that dude that plays pot heads in every Sandler movie is banging her from what I could find out. So good for him. She is hot as hell and I hope to see more of her.
Known For: Being Paulina Gretzky’s friend; Possibly in Grown Ups 2, not sure

So there it is people. Almost two years in the making! 32 Boston women have now been named as T’s most hottest and kind of famous women over the last 3 years. This took a lot of work ladies so I hope you appreciate it. And appreciate me. Spread the love and let people know what T is doing over here on T-blawg.com! Will there be a Boston’s Hottest 3 one day?! Maybe. I’m not sure yet. But what I do know for sure is that Dane Cook is still a douchebag! Yeah that’s right.

Until next time. Always take it there.


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