T-pisode 107: T Did 2011

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T don't do resolutions. He makes promises. And keeps them.

I’ve said before that I write T-blawg T-pisodes usually weeks before I put them up. Sometimes months. I’m always writing. My mind is always going. But this post came to me as I did a little self reflecting on this past year. Yes this is going to be one of those “T is talking about himself again” T-pisodes. Well aren’t they all about me?! The damn title of the site is T-blawg! Shit. Anyways. As I sat back and let the silly little hamster on the wheel spin in my head, I came up with some new revelations about myself. 2011 was a great year for me. One of my best actually. And it allowed me to learn about myself in ways I have never done before. Here’s what T learned about himself in this most epic and successful 2011.

I am no longer an asshole
Really. Sure I still do the typical guy asshole things. But the overall general assholeness of being an asshole to everybody has officially left the building. I’m a former asshole now. And I like it.

I can still slang and bang like I’m 21 when I want
I had a rough week a couple of weeks ago. At the time I pretty much had 48 great weeks out of the year. Week 49 handed me a beating. Work stuff. Family stuff. Holiday stuff. Writing stuff. And not one but two female drama stuff. I dealt with it all as best as possible then went on a 3 day weekend bender with an old buddy, way too young chicks, a lot of booze, no sleep and woke up with a vicious hangover and a new tattoo. As one of my Bullpen ladies put it, “Nothing wrong with a little unhealthy healing T.” So true. But now I’m back.

Never trust a big butt and a smile
Why oh why did I stop listening to Bell Biv Devoe’s deep advice??? Never again. NEVER AGAIN!!!

I now look for the best in people
When the fuck did this happen?! I used to treat everyone I met like they’re up to no good. Like they want to do me wrong or get something from me. But now I think everyone is a nice person going in and just want to do good. This has bitten me more times than I’d like to admit this year. Especially with women. But it’s not a bad thing. I don’t think. Will let you know in 2012 how it’s working out ok.

I’m more anxious with women I like
I have dated some good women this year. Well most of them have been good. And for some reason I found myself anxious to see them and spend more time with them than I ever have in my adult dating life. Is it fucking age?! Is my “playa card” expired?! Were all of these women higher quality than my usual type?! I don’t know! I just found myself excited and anxious to see them more than I usually do. I have to get this under control. But I just don’t think I have the stomach anymore to play the hard to get bad boy games. Meh.

I only have one more Birthday Bash & Boston Patriot’s Day/Marathon Monday left in me
This was a long and hard decision to make. These annual events have taken years off my life and there’s too much collateral damage to deal with afterwards in this stage of my life. Retiring it people. One last round. Let’s make it count! But T is grown now.

I am a flirting crackhead
I do it all the time. Without even knowing it sometimes. I constantly flirt with women. Everywhere I go. I’m an addict. Even when I’m not looking to get with the women I’m talking to, I always flirt with them. I need a sponsor to help me. Any takers ladies??? Oh shit. There I go again!

I have become a mogwai
While my diet is pretty good, my lifestyle sometimes has me eating late at night. Even if it’s somewhat decent food like sushi, I just can’t eat after midnight anymore. I get bad agita. I become a damn gremlin. Awful.

My tolerance for my beloved Boston sports teams bullshit is at an all time low
I have high expectations for my teams and no tolerance for their bullshit now. Not for the garbage from the Red Sox front office. Not for the Celtics and their greedy NBA lockout. Not for the young Bruins players acting like douches off the ice. Not for the Patriots inconsistent defense on the field. You’re all CHAMPIONS! You’re all PROFESSIONALS! This is Titletown. But you know what? It’s not even about the titles. Just shut the fuck up and play your asses off. Do your jobs. No bullshit. At least the loser Boston teams before the Decade of Dominance all had heart! They all played hard every game! They were all decent human beings out of uniform. Smarten up.

Mentally Noted
Even if she tells you as a joke. If she tells you she is a self proclaimed “Cold hearted bitch.” Guess what? She isn’t joking. She really is a cold hearted bitch fellas. Listen to her. I didn’t. But I do now.

Do good, you get good
I worked my ass off at my job. It paid off. I worked my ass off with my writing. I got interest from a major studio. I put time into the relationships with my closest friends and family. We became closer. Basically, I don’t know if it’s karma or what. But all I know is, when I did bad….bad shit happened to me! Bad shit isn’t fun people. I know. Trust me. Ever since I started doing good, my life picked up tenfold in every way possible. And I fucking love it!!!

Some women just don’t learn with age
I used to think young women were the only stupid ones because of age and lack of life experience. Nope. Women 30+ can be just as stupid. Even more stupid. Which means I can still be stupid too at times when it comes to women because I didn’t see it coming. That’s what she said. She most likely did say that. Because she’s stupid. ZING!

I need more culture
All through school and college life I always loved to learn. I was a great student. As an adult man I have found myself being a little one tracked minded. I had this revelation as I spent over 2 hours learning about the people of Pompeii at Boston’s Museum of Science. I’ve been so focused on doing and living that I forgot about some of the other things I used to enjoy. In 2012 I vow to read more. Learn a language. Travel more. Shit. Maybe even take a cooking class. T will become a more cultured man! Or die trying. Gangsta.

And finally…..I have the world in the palm of my hand
I’m in my peak years. I’m in my prime now. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Financially. Intellectually. I’m in beast mode. I’m not perfect. Oh no. I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying that if I’m ever going to turn that corner in my life, the time is now. I’ve been stacking bricks. Building a foundation. I’m fucking solid and about to take the world on. The success of 2011 has given me a shit load of gasoline to light 2012 on fire! Whatever happens, whatever I take on, I’m going to rattle some fucking cages and kick some asses. I’m ready. Get on that T bandwagon now people. 2011 was my “get the duckies in a row” year. 2012 is simply going to be..…T Time.

How was your 2011? Any lessons learned? Ready to kick ass in 2012 like me???

Until next time. Always take it there.



  1. Reflective — I like it.
    My take on #1: Yes, you don’t have to be an asshole to be a man’s man.
    But #3 — Let’s just say, I object. 🙂


    1. I don’t know. This girl had a big butt and a smile and she turned out to be something else. Might be a little while before I trust another big butt and a smile. I used to like big butts and smiles. I cannot lie. 😉


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