T-pisode 119: Boston Dating Doesn’t Have to Suck!

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These are how most of my dates look in the North End. Seriously.

Ok people. This is one of those impromptu T-pisodes. This was not written months ago. I’m writing this fresh as a reaction to the built up frustration from all the shit Boston guys have been getting lately with us being labeled horrible guys to date that I’ve been seeing all over the damn interwebs! And I don’t appreciate that generalization. Not one bit. By now you know I’m a Boston guy. An awesome Boston guy! By now you have read many T-pisodes about my dating experiences over the last two and half years on T-blawg. Some awesome. Some not so awesome. And by now you know I walk that fine line of being a gentleman and a crazy asshole. I like to think that my dating motto has been defined here on T-blawg as “I’ll never be an asshole to a woman I like.” I can put up links to all of those T-pisodes backing that statement but I’m not going to. Search my archives to the left yo. This is me right here right now putting it out there saying that I’m not some Boston jerk who doesn’t know how to treat a lady right. Sure you can say that dating Boston guys suck. But you can say that about any guy in any city! And you know what ladies? In the words of the famous poet Rob Base “It takes two to make a thing go right.” So if I’m getting this “All Boston guys suck at dating” rep then all you Boston ladies are taking half the burden.

That’s right. Do I suck at dating because as a man I approach you a Boston woman first? Flirt with you to break the ice? I suck because I make you smile? Make you laugh? I have the confidence to ask you out? Call you? Text you? I’m a jerk because I take you out to a nice restaurant? The newest restaurant? I’m bad because as a Boston man I take you for a walk around the Commons? Up & down beautiful Newbury? There’s something wrong with drinks at Sonsie or Stephanie’s? Dancing the night away at Cure is awful? A Summer’s night at Fenway watching the Sox sucks? Drunken bowling at Kings isn’t fun? Walking down Hanover St. with a damn Kool-Aid smile on both our faces is a horrible thing?! Stop it. All of you stop it. That is just the tip of the “dating a Boston guy” iceberg. General dating fodder. I….no we “good” Boston guys are much more than this of course. But you get the picture I’m painting. You like how we date you. You love it! This is from a good Boston guy to date. You know damn well when a douchebag is hitting on you for the first time. You smell his douchey, low-life, broke, lying ass a mile away. So it’s your fault if you agree to go on a date with him let alone many dates and surprise, surprise he’s still a douchebag! Boston or not!!! Same with me when I clearly know when a Boston woman is a bitch or a slut the moment I meet her. I deserve all the bad shit that this Boston slut-bitch brings down upon me. That is why I now only “Nice Boston Guy Date” good women. Or at least try to. Sometimes I’m wrong. But at least I treated her like a gentleman. So like I said, it’s both our faults.

The bottom line is as Boston men and women, as men and women in general, we need to stop looking to place blame on each other. Stop generalizing. It’s a case by case basis. A date by date basis. If you have that initial interest just fucking go with it! And while you’re on that dating adventure, enjoy the damn ride for however long or short it may be and stop looking for reasons to not like that person. We all know why we like someone right? Well I think most people stop dating because they try to find reasons not to hang out with someone they actually like. Reasons to not date them. That is very common in Boston unfortunately. We are so not laid back! We are all so fast paced. So stuck in our ways. Filled with so much attitude we’re not giving “Boston dating” a damn chance! People are forgetting to have fun on dates. Forgetting the reasons why they like this person. They are forgetting to enjoy the damn ride. So they want the ride to stop and then put all the reasons why it stopped on the guy. On that Boston guy. Well smarten the hell up all you Boston women dating! I’ll treat you good as long as I get it back. Any real man will do that. So stop stereotyping me for fuck’s sake. It’s tough enough already out there trying to date you as it is. Go easy on this Boston guy and the next Boston guy trying to enjoy dating you.

Remember. Boston dating should be fun. And there is no crying in dating….oh wait, shit there is.



Until next time. Always take it there.




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