T-pisode 120: The Number 2 Drawer

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My button ups are not in my Number 2 Drawer. But Megan can wear whatever the hell she wants!

I really considered doing a “Bro Code” T-pisode on this. But the “Number 2 Drawer” is kind of a T only kind of thing. What the hell is the “Number 2 Drawer?” Well I’m glad you asked. You see ladies regardless if you’ve just met a guy or have been on a few dates with him, eventually you’re going to randomly stay at his place overnight. And every time you stay at a man’s place he should be prepared to make your stay as comfortable as possible. These things may include a late night snack. A glass of water. Contacts case and solution. Perhaps even a toothbrush. (Guys. Feel out the chick first. A toothbrush might make her think you’re a d-bag that brings a chick home every night.) A cell phone charger. Things that will make her stay for the night easy. But the most important thing that this fine lady wearing fine lady things will need are…clothes. She doesn’t have clothes to sleep in and she will need some comfy man clothes for the night brother. Welcome to T’s “Number 2 Drawer.”

The “Number 2 Drawer” is not like any other drawer in my place! Oh no. It has been strategically put together for one reason and one friggin’ reason only! To provide a woman with comfortable clothes for the night. These are clothes that are comfortable. That can easily be put on, removed off and possibly put back on again for a night of sex. Normal sex. Kinky sex. Loving sex. Whatever sex. These are clothes that if she needs to wear home on her “Walk of Shame/No Shame” (depends on the girl) the next day, I can part with them. For a short period of time. Or possibly forever. Only assholes are saying right now “Why the hell do I need a Number 2 Drawer T?” Because youngin’ the more comfortable you make a woman the more likely she will want to see you again. And if you don’t want to see her again then you never bring them back to your place. You go back to hers stupid! Get it? Good. And you are also an asshole for doing this. Because I used to do that too. One nighters always at her place. But remember this. If you bring a chick back to your place and you like her, the sex is good, she even stays the night…if her ass isn’t comfortable in your place, you won’t see her much longer. Trust me.

So what is in the “Number 2 Drawer?” It’s simple. I need my suits and button ups for work right? So they’re not in the damn drawer. Bro Dress Code! My jeans and good t-shirts are also in the closet. I need my gym clothes for the gym right? So I can’t lose those. The “Number 2 Drawer” consists of a variety of basic short & long sleeve t-shirts (it’s Boston, be prepared for each season), the most comfortable sweatpants & fleece pants and a few of my Boston teams and old college t-shirts because they add another level of sexiness to her already sexy ass. Bottom line, a woman wearing my clothes in my place about to get into my bed is 9 out of 10 times hotter than the clothes she wore all night. Until she gets naked. Nothing beats a naked woman’s body. Nothing. So remember. Stack a number two drawer so when she comes over you can point and say “Just throw some clothes on from that second drawer” while you get her a glass of water. Come back to the door. Ask her if she’s decent. Then walk into your bedroom and see the most beautiful vision your lucky ass has ever laid eyes on up until that moment. Have a “Number 2 Drawer.” Thank me later.



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