T-pisode 121: The “Day Date” Is Some Bullshit

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Look at this guy. You're on a day date stupid! Stop smiling! You have no chance.

That’s like the express lane to the friend zone. See when a girl decides that you’re her friend, you’re no longer a dating option. You become this complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, like her brother, or a lamp. My point is…call Sheila, Ray. Call her right now. Move your day date to tonight. Play the entire thing aloof and no matter what you do, kiss her at the end. Cause friends don’t kiss.”
–Chris Brander, “Just Friends” 2005


That’s right Ryan Reynolds!!! The “Day Date” is no good! And as of this T-pisode I, T of the world famous T-blawg.com, will never ever ever ever eeeever go on another damn “Day Date” again! Why? Well let me do what I do and tell you all why. Because the “Day Date” is some bullshit. It is bullshit any way you look at it. Any way you do it. Any way you try to have one as a man. Any way she tries to have one with you as a woman. Because nothing good happens during the day. Nothing! Not when it comes to real dating anyways. Or sex. While you are dating do not go on any “Day Dates” the first month of dating! Because whether it is date #1 or date #3, your ass is going nowhere. Some people think that the first date only should not be a “Day Date.” NO! Any “Day Date” that takes place during the first month of dating will send you to the friend zone. This is for guys only. Day dating is no dating. Listen to T here fellas! The “Day Date” is some bullshit.

If a woman insists on a day date she only thinks of you as a friend. You’re safe to her. She doesn’t really want to date you. She doesn’t want to bang you. She doesn’t want a relationship with you. You know what she wants? A friend. A dude friend. Some food. An ear to talk to. She wants fucking attention! She thinks you’re safe. Women don’t want to fuck the safe guy! They want the big bad wolf with claws!!! Or the bad boy that they think they can change. They want a challenge. What the fuck is challenging in the day time?! NOTHING! You lose! Good day sir!!! You would think in your late 20s or early 30s two grown ass people could actually have a day date in the early stages of dating and actually want each other. Oh no. Doesn’t matter if you’re 17, 27, 57, 107!!! The “Day Date” is some bullshit! Do not waste your time. Don’t let her waste your time. If you want to take a girl out and she comes up with a 1001 excuses to not go out with you at night and suggests lunch during the day, she doesn’t want to date you bro. Does that make her a bitch? No. She could still be cool as shit. It just means she doesn’t like you that way. So tell her this “Look. I’m into you. But I want to take you out for drinks. Maybe dinner. Lunch is for friends. Co-workers. Clients. And Sunday Funday is for friends and family. We’re not that to each other. We both already have that in our lives. Let’s go out. Thursday night.” If she comes up with another excuse or a “Day Date” counter offer, you cut loose. Boom. Cut the fuck loose.

Any lunch, brunch, movies, carnivals, Sunday Fundays, walks in the park, picnics, beaches, ballgames, any shopping, hikes, museums, group friend things, dog walking, rollerblading, charity events, concerts, feasts, festivals….what the fuck ever that take place during the day whether it is during a weekday or the weekend is a damn “Day Date!” And you will end up friend zoned. Even if all 3 dates take place during the day DO NOT think “Yep. She’s into me. This is the third date. We held hands. She laughed a lot. She was smiling. She’s into me for sure.” for a fucking minute! Because in her head at that exact same moment she’s all like “Shit is he boring. He’s nice. But I’m really not into him. Maybe I shouldn’t have held his hand. Oopsie. He’s a good listener though. But he’s no Billy Bad Ass! I can’t wait until I go out with Billy Bad Ass Friday night and bang him senseless. I’m going to tell Safe Guy Sammy over here that I just want to be friends with him right now. He’ll totally understand.” See?! I just saved you the trouble. This is how day dating goes down yo! I know sometimes you dig a girl a lot and you’ll basically just take what she’ll give you. “Oh if only she gives me a chance! Even if it is just for lunch on a Tuesday at 11:45AM. I can do my thing and make her see how awesome I am. I’ll take the lunch offer.” NO YOU WON’T! Man up. Nut up. No day dating!!! Go big or go home bro. Go night or go nothing at all! Because like T says, the “Day Date” is some bullshit. Once again, thank me later.



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  1. From a woman, this is spot on. A date during the day is really only for once a relationship is established. Not only do I lose respect for a guy who offers up a day date, but I also get the impression he’s not very into me if he’s not willing to spring for drinks or dinner in the evening. Additionally, if given the opportunity, I will suggest a day date when I know I don’t like the guy. At that point he is firmly, FIRMLY in the friend category. And really, at this point in my life, I’m not looking for friends. I may say yes to that one day date, but it won’t happen again, and he’s lost any chance he may have had.


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