T-pisode 125: T Conquers The Age Difference

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He's old and funny. She's young and hot. It makes sense no?

Ok. So I’ll admit this. I have made many digs at, comments about and even entire T-pisodes about dating young chicks. About banging young chicks. About hanging out with young chicks. And all the drama they have caused me. So many stories about all their craziness. Tales about their annoying immaturity. Why I think they are all stupid. Their lack of life experience. How they have no common sense. But hey, I have complimented their young hot bodies! A lot. And the great sex with them! I just want to take the time to use this T-pisode to realign my stance on young chicks. My stance on the “Age Difference” factor when it comes to dating. Recent life events, dates, self reflection and the women themselves in my life have made me reconsider my stance. Smell that wood burning??? That’s some good ol’ T thinking! I’m going on record right now. Ready? Here is my T “Age Difference” Statement: When it comes to dating someone younger than you just make sure that person breaks all the age difference stereotypes.

That’s a crazy ass statement T!!! Yeah. It sure is! Impossible you say? Not entirely. Her going against young chick typecast is the only way you’ll know that none of that young shit will never become a problem. Now that’s not to say all the other normal dating problems won’t occur. That happens anyways. But at least you know it isn’t because of the age difference. Or because you or her are blaming it on the age difference. So up front you have to feel her out. There will be signs right away if she is going to go young bat shit crazy on your ass eventually. You’ll be able to see the red flags all over the field. So you need to look for the good stuff right away. Then you’ll know her young ass just might not be crazy. T did some due diligence for your ass! Here’s what you need to look for up front:

Her Upbringing
How was she raised? Good? Bad? Raised herself? Spoiled by her parents? Even if her childhood was bad does she appreciate who she is now at this age? She has to be humble. Look for that quality.

Her Attitude
It has to be good. Positive. Sweet. Fun. Selfless. Mature. An old soul even. Basically the girl looks 24 but acts like she’s 54.

Her Intelligence
She may not have gone to college. Or may even still be in college. That is all great. Book smarts are great. But real intelligence comes from living your life. And even though I was a good student and put myself through college, my living life intelligence has a thousand times more value than my college education. So she can still be smart without all the framed degrees. Trust me.

Her Ambition
Does she love life?! Want more out of life? Has the passion to be something. To see something. She has to be able to say something.

And above all us…it’s really about how you two feel about each other. No one else’s feelings or opinions matter. Remember this.

That last one is key in all relationships of course. The like/lust/love factor for each other will make all the bullshit go away. Regardless if there is an age difference or not. But let’s be realistic. This shit might work if the age gap is of certain ages between the two. Nobody would really give a shit if one person was 25 and the other was 40. Like some Don Draper type shit! It’s also doable if one is in their early 20s and the other is in their early 30s. You make the call for yourselves. But like 18 and 35? Oh hell nawww! That’s just crazy. That won’t work. Different worlds there. And it’s true fellas, women really do mature faster than us guys. So as a fella myself I can really only speak about going for younger chicks. You older women messing with younger guys, just remember how stupid us guys are in general. Because we’re even dumber when we’re young! Because I can be stupid now as a grown man so just think about how stupid I was when I was younger. Actually you can just search T-blawg to find out. So that’s that. The “Age Difference” conquered. Now go play.


Until next time. Always take it there.



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