T-pisode 127: The 6 Unwritten Rules of T-blawg

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My secret identity is much cooler than the one the fat kid from “Stand By Me” had. He flew around using hair spray people. Hair spray!

I promised myself that when I started T-blawg that I would put it all out there. My entire life would be shared with the world. From growing up as a punk kid yet still a good student in Eastie. To my “asshole” college years. To my foray into corporate America and screenwriting. From my evolution from jerk to gentleman. To my opinions on women, dating, Bro Code, money, sports, family, friends, Boston….whatever! All would be shared in the T-pisodes of T-blawg.com baby! And as most of you now know, I’m a man of my word. I’m here to entertain as best I can while trying to keep the damage to my personal life as minimal as possible. Believe me people. You have no idea the shit I get from friends, family and women who are in my life off of this “Original Entertainment Life Blueprint” for some of the things I say on here. And on Facebook. And definitely on Twitter! But there are some things that I have avoided on T-blawg and will probably continue to do so even when this thing becomes a hit sitcom. Oh the sitcom will happen bitches. Trust in T! Here are my “6 Unwritten Rules of T-blawg!”

I Will Never Reveal My True Identity
I…just…can’t. I have a legit career that I’ve put a lot of hard work into for the last 11 years. I also have an “entertainment” writing career that I’m trying to build. I have to stay under that Sox hat people. If you know me or I let you know who I am, cool. I like you. I trust you. But beyond that, T stays words on a screen and his handsome face remains always half shown. I hope you are all cool with that. And I am very handsome by the way. Like George Clooney type shit.

No Names
Whether it was a girl I really cared about at one time or even one that I downright despise now, I will not name names. I will not name friends or family names either. I may act like a total dick on here sometimes but putting people on blast for the entire world to see is just classless. Won’t happen. Ever.

No Religion
I’ve said a couple of times that I’m Italian. That I was raised Catholic. I may have made a few religious wiseass remarks but I will never put out a T-pisode about religion in any way, shape or form. Who am I and who are you to say which religion is right or wrong? People around the world kill because of religion. That shit is crazy. I will stay away from religion like a virgin on prom night! Wait…what?

No Politics
Same as religion. I’ve made some references to the economy, Clinton, Obama, the Kennedys but I don’t get into any political talk on here. I’m actually into politics in my real life. Everyone should be. But that’s your prerogative if you’re not. Just like it’s mine to keep politics off of my beautiful T-blawg. But if The Rock ever ran for President of the United States I am totally campaigning for him on this site! Just saying.

No Comments….Unless I Feel Like It
This site hasn’t been a blog in a very long time. I don’t really care about comments. It’s an entertainment site with T-pisodes!!! I see the traffic. I see the retweets. I see the Facebook shares. I see the subscribers. That is all I want. Every once in a while I’ll approve some comments. Good comments! But most of them in a nutshell are “I like you,” “I hate you,” “I want to bang you,” and a shit ton of spam! It is insane. So I keep the comments to a minimum and I hate scrolling through them for approval. I appreciate the love but all I ask is that you just keep reading, sharing, Facebook Liking and Following on Twitter!

No Father Talk
Whoa. T is finally going to talk about his dad??? Look. This one is tough for me. There have been very few words written on here about my father. I have my reasons. I have a million of them. And honestly, if I started to write about him, my childhood with him in it or lack of him in it at times and our relationship now as grown men my T-blawg humor would go right out the window and this site wouldn’t be as fun as it is. Trust me. For now, T-blawg remains without father stories.

Those are my “6 Unwritten Rules of T-blawg” and now they have been written. So…um…yeah I guess they’re now written??? Whatever. Some of you have asked. Some of you didn’t. But now you all know. Other than that, I’ll do my best to continue to entertain the shit out of you with everything that makes T well….T!



Until next time. Always take it there.




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  1. I’d like to hear the father talk. I think it would help me. Not everything has to be humour. But I understand if you think it’s best to keep it on that level.


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