T-pisode 129: T Loves Magnets

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I rode my CHiPs big wheels in the house like a boss! Notice the washing machine behind me?

No this is not Pinterest. It’s still T-blawg. The most awesome “Original Entertainment Life Blueprint” site to ever exist!!! Don’t let the title fool you. Let me explain. I am still that cool, awesome dude you have all come to know and love but I collect magnets. There. I said it! I collect magnets like a boss! No I don’t collect magnets and have little magnet get togethers at some stupid weekly magnet club. I don’t go shopping for them online or at little magnet shops. No. When I travel I always get a magnet representing the city I just visited. Like how some people get postcards or shot classes. I get magnets and when I come home I stick those sons of bitches on my refrigerator! I’m hardcore like that yo. Why do I collect them and stick them on my fridge? Well that goes back to my childhood. You remember my legendary, evil, crazy ass childhood stories right?

When I was a little kid we lived in a small apartment on the third floor of an old three-family house in East Boston. I had a sticker obsession. Like most little kids I loved stickers. But instead of sticking them in books I would stick them on our old ass washing machine. This washing machine was a piece of shit though. It was old and my mother had to stand over it with the lid open during the spin cycle and stick a knife into it so it would spin the clothes dry. She used to stand there for like 45 minutes during the spin cycle! It was crazy. So I guess part of me really hated that piece of shit washing machine. So every time I got a new sticker I would run over to the washing machine and stick it on. At first my mother yelled at me and would try to peel them off but after a while she gave in. I covered up that entire washing machine with He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers, ThunderCats, whatever stickers! I was like a sticker crack head or some shit. Once it was covered I tried to take my talents over to the refrigerator. My mother slapped my head and wasn’t having it. She told me I could put magnets on the fridge instead. Because magnets obviously weren’t permanent like stickers. So my mother would get me all types of magnets and every time I got an “A” or a “100” on a test she would let me put them on the fridge with a magnet. Now don’t let my evil childhood fool you. I was smart as shit! So before long that fridge was covered with a million “A” papers, “100” tests, Perfect Attendance awards, Spelling Bee championships, Writing certificates, Science awards…I was fucking awesome!!! My sister had like 2 things on the fridge. But they were like “Cs.” Haha I’m smarter!

The refrigerator also became home to important photos, birthday cards, etc. It was like a shrine. All the important stuff went on the fridge with a magnet! That stayed with me. When I moved out of my childhood apartment I found myself still collecting magnets and sticking things on my own refrigerator. Except now I was a big shot and got to travel so I wanted the magnets to be able to tell their own stories as well. Come to my place now and in my kitchen is a refrigerator covered in magnets from around the world holding up photos of the important people in my life, birthday cards, autographs from Mila Kunis & Arianny Celeste, important sayings, quotes, anything that means something to me is on my fridge. I’m proud of it. My sister does the same thing and my nieces and nephew stick things on her fridge. I hope I can pass on the habit to my own kids one day and laugh my ass off when my son pisses off my wife when he’s sticking shit all over our large kitchen appliances! That would complete the cycle. The spin cycle. Pun intended.


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