Dating Sabbatical. Day 4. Never forget where you come from.

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Today I spent the day watching the Patriots game and boozing it up with an old childhood friend. In between plays we talked about life and women. My buddy broke shit down for me. He told me what a lot of people have said to me lately. “T. Look where you are in life. Look what you’ve done. You’re doing all the right things.” I can’t argue with that. Not with someone who has known me for so many years. Someone who has known the old me and knows the man I’ve become and knows that I’m still trying to be a better man. We got drunk and even though the Pats lost, we had a good time. I know who I am. And I’ll never forget where I come from. The people around me would never let me forget that. And I’m thankful for that. Being humbled and remembering where I come from makes me appreciate the good women that I manage to come across in my life. I’ll continue to do so.