Dating Sabbatical. Day 9. Can you hear me now?

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We all know that communication is the key to dating right….right? No. Well it is dumb-dumb. One thing about dating in this day and age is communication really sucks. It doesn’t matter if you’re on each other’s Facebooks, Twitters, Foursquares, Instagrams, Pinterests….that isn’t communicating. Our aunts & cousins are on all that shit too. I’m talking about the communication directly between a man and a woman. What…the…fuck…happened? And texting? REALLY?! We all over text. Way too much. What happened to picking up the phone and calling the person you like? The person you’re dating? Hearing their voice? Playing the stupid “No. You hang up first!” game. Falling asleep on the phone with them. All that fun shit? Man fuck that. I am SO guilty of not doing that anymore. I didn’t even realize it until this dating sabbatical/quest/thing I’m on. I don’t even know when it stopped for me. Wow. No more. When I get back in the dating game, I’m calling that sweet girl and letting her know how sweet I think she is. Whoever she ends up being.