Dating Sabbatical. Day 14. Enough ladies.

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Here are a few things I’m sick of hearing from women:

“Every guy is the same.” “Chivalry is dead.” “Just like the rest of them.” “I want one guy to prove to me he is different from all the rest.” “All guys are pigs.”

Really? Really?? Really???

Then why the hell are you dating the same guy every damn time? Why the hell are you in a relationship with the same guy all the time? Why the hell are you attracted to the same guy all the time? It’s YOU honey. You keep going for the same type. Which is douchebag after douchebag. And you want better? You expect better? Stop it. We’re not all the same. You keep GOING FOR THE SAME! Some of us guys are gentlemen. Some of us guys aren’t douchebags. Some of us care. Are sweet. Some of us listen. Some of us are working our asses off trying to make something of ourselves. Doing great things. We’re all the same if you keep looking for the same. Wanting the same. Expecting the same. Guess I’m guilty of that as well. Because I always go for the same type of bullshit woman 9 out of 10 times. Not cool on both sides. And I WILL NOT do that anymore. So let’s all be aware of this and start doing something about it. None of us are all the same. Let’s stop doing it to ourselves. We deserve better. Enough.