T-pisode 151: What The Hell Is #wouldwife?

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If she has half her looks, half her sense of humor, half her attitude, I’ll call it a dating career. Seriously. Hang up my jersey.

What is #wouldwife? You’ve seen me post a lot of #wouldwife stuff on here right? Like this and of course this and this very popular one and so on. Well in the world of the interwebs, it is a hashtag used to describe a woman a man would like to make his wife. Pretty simple. Most times we’re referring to a celebrity woman. A woman who we will never meet of course. She is unattainable and will never be our wife. It’s all in good fun. And horniness. On T-blawg I obviously throw up a hot pic of one of the celebrity women I would like to make my wife. They sometimes vary. Sometimes they have that dark hair, blue-eyed exotic type I am very attracted to. Sometimes they have that cute girl next door look. Sometimes they are so funny and confident; in my eyes they ooze so much sex appeal! And sometimes they’re just, hot. That is in the world of digital fiction. But in the real world #wouldwife is something else.

Look, I have done so many countless T-pisodes about my dating experiences. How I messed up. How I was scorned. How they messed up. What I will never ever do again. Who I will never ever date again. What I’m looking for in the “My Kind of Girl” T-pisodes. The “Dating Demographic” T-pisodes. Countless T-pisodes about dating and women. But now I am finally at a point in my life where I’m meeting women with real life #wouldwife potential. All those experiences in my dating T-pisodes have given me the ability to finally say to myself “SHE I would wife” or “SHE I would not wife.” Yep. Chalk it up to age, life, experience, all the battles lost and wars won on the field of dating women in my life and I have finally started to think about T having a wife. A T-BLAWG MILESTONE PEOPLE!!! T is talking crazy! Nah. I’m talking real. I’m being honest. Like I’ve always promised I would be on here. So who would I wife? Well I’ll just break it down like this. As simple as possible. I want a tag team partner. A woman that I can just see and enjoy the world with. That’s it. All the rest is gravy. Sure we have to have an attraction; chemistry. Have some laughs. That goes without saying. But the only thing I am looking for is a partner in crime. A partner in life. Boom, simple.

Whether I’ve known a woman for a long time or I’m just starting to get to know her, I try to put everything else aside that I have written about in past dating T-pisodes and ask myself “Could this girl be my tag team partner? Would I wife her?” And that’s it. If the answer is no, I’ll have my fun. I’ll be a gentleman. Then I’ll move on. If the answer is yes, I’ll spend more time with her. Let her in more than the other girls. Let her know every side of me while hoping she lets me know every side of her. This girl is #wouldwife potential. This girl may be the total package. This girl just might be the LAST girl. And that’s how I’m doing this dating thing right now. My approach and attitude has changed. I’m a grown man now. If she isn’t #wouldwife potential then I will not waste my time or her time. I’m not saying I am going to marry her. I’m just saying she may be tag team partner potential. #wouldwife doesn’t mean I’m giving her a ring. It just means I’m giving her me. That is #wouldwife explained.


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