T-pisode 153: Dating Outs

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This guy must get so many dates with hair like that. He definitely uses dating outs.

In the world of dating you will come across people where the date has the potential of not working out. The potential for it to be a bust. You are skeptical about the person. You aren’t sure about the date itself. But yet you agree to go on the date anyway. You single people know what the hell I’m talking about! People either tell us or we convince ourselves to be open-minded. That we should go on these dates. Sometimes we’re just bored and go on them. Sometimes we take on the mindset of “Well you never know.” And we go on the damn date. 9 out of 10 times we have a shitty time. Seriously. It’s shitty. But as a single person you have to date. So what do you need to do? Well some of you probably already do this. But T is here to tell all you other people what you need to do. I’m giving it a name. You need a “Dating Out.”

What the hell is a “Dating Out?” Before you go on the shitty potential date you need to set up a way out of the date. You’re an adult so that old fake phone call or text emergency shit isn’t cool. No need to lie. Little kids lie. Lies are disrespectful and eventually that shit will come back to bite you in your ass especially this day and age when all your stuff is on Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter. People can and WILL check into your lies. Especially women. Sorry ladies. You all are like Batman when you want to find something out about dudes. It’s scary sometimes. So you need to have a legit out. A “Dating Out” is basically your back up plan. Set it up when setting up the date itself. Have something else casual to do so you can get out of the date. Make plans with a friend. Or find out if other friends will be out near your date. Tell them you’re going out on a date that has the potential to go bad or end early and you need something to do. Then go back and tell the person you are going on the date with that you have to leave at a certain time because you have other plans as well. If they come back with “Well why don’t we just go out on Friday or another night when you don’t have so many plans?” Then you tell them you’re busy as fuck and that is the only time you can make it. They’ll agree. This will also give them the idea that you are looking for a “Dating Out” just in case. This lowers their expectations as well as yours and will help you both go into the date with nothing expected and maybe, just maybe you end up having a good time. Who knows? If not, you still have your out! And if you do have a good time you can cancel your backup plan and stay on the date. The “Dating Out” goes both ways. That’s what she said. If she does say that, stay on the date stupid!

“Dating Outs” are necessary. Because unknown skeptical dates are also necessary. As single people out in the field we have to be open to all kinds of people and dates. They can’t all be good. No fucking way. I speak from experience. I have used the “Dating Out” both ways in my dating career. Even as the guy who initiates the date most of the time, I set it up thinking it may not go well. “But I should at least take her out for a drink.” That’s my mindset. Setting up a drink on a Tuesday after work at 5:00PM is an automatic out! Those are the easiest outs by the way. No backup plan needed. You have errands, the gym, work to do. So you’re legit. No lies. There are a lot of “Dating Outs” you can come up with. Just have them going forward. And once again, thank me later.


Until next time. Always take it there.




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