meTaphor: The Baby Shape Puzzle Game & Dating

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Dating is a lot like the Baby Shape Puzzle game you played with as a baby…


You discover all these amazing shapes and try to make things fit.
This is when you first meet and get to know each other.

Sometimes it’s easy placing the triangle in the triangle hole on the first try.
This is when you hit it off with someone.

Sometimes you just can’t get the circle to fit into the square. It just doesn’t fit.
This is when it just doesn’t make sense and won’t work out with that person.

Every once in a while you manage to get all the shapes into all the holes.
This is a relationship.

Sometimes you just get frustrated and flip the game over and the pieces go everywhere.
This is a breakup.

And finally, you just put the game away and never open it back up again.
No more games. You grew up. Let the other babies play with it.