T-pisode 169: T Tells His Tattoo Tales

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My ink is on the inside and the outside. Think about it. You'll get it in a minute or so.
My ink is on the inside and the outside. Think about it. You’ll get it in a minute or so.

At this point I think you all know that ol’ T is a tattoo guy. I have talked about tats since I started T-blawg. I have them. I love them. I judge them. They are a part of me. Who I am. Where I’ve been. What I believe in. I’ve been asked a whole bunch of times on here, on Twitter and on Instagram about my tats. I’ve shared some pics. I’ve told people what some of them are. But I have yet to really get into my tattoos and their individual history on T-blawg. Now it’s time. So I’ll finally share the awesomeness of my tattoos and their stories right here, right now! All damn 9 of them. Yes…9.

Tattoo #1: Tribal Design On My Left Shoulder
YES. T has a tribal tat. Judge away. I would. But you have to understand that tribal tattoos were all the rage back in my day. No I don’t have a stupid tribal armband. Like I said, it’s a simple tribal design on my left shoulder. It was my first one when I was 19 years old. And I’ll never cover it up. It has history.

Tattoo #2: “T” On My Right Shoulder
Of course I have a friggin’ “T” tatted on me! It’s my damn name and it’s awesome. It’s also an easy way to recognize my body when all my enemies from my past finally execute their epic revenge! Haters.

Tattoo #3: Lion Head On Inside Of My Left Bicep
I’m a Leo. What you can’t tell??? Stop it. I’m not into stupid horoscopes. That’s chick shit. But I do believe people take on the characteristics of their Zodiac signs. And honestly, you can’t find someone more Leo than T. Go ahead. Try. I had this lion’s head tat done with each piece of the mane representing the people closest to me at the time. It means a lot to me. All my tats do. Yours should too yo.

Tattoo #4: Leo Symbol On Inside Of My Right Bicep
What?! I said I was a Leo! This isn’t your typical Leo symbol either. I had it done to curve along the inside of my arm. It’s custom. Grown men get shit customized. Also, are you noticing the symmetry of the order in which I got my tats yet? Maybe I should get “OCD” or “Crazy As Fuck” tatted on me next?

Tattoo #5: Sun Over Trach Scar
I have mentioned my epic birth on here before right? Of course I have. That story has been told. So one year as a birthday present to myself I got a tattoo to cover up my little baby tracheotomy scar. I had the operation as a baby and over the years it got really small and moved down to my clavicle. But I made peace with that scar and wanted to put it behind me. So I got the brightest thing in the solar system, made it black and covered it up. Done. Plus chicks dig it when they see the top of it sticking out a little when I rock a button up shirt. Chicks dig tats. Oh yes they do. Scars too. T gets a classic win-win here.

Tattoos #6 & #7: Quotes On The Inside Of My Forearms
I’ll be honest. From this point on some crazy stuff with women caused me to pull triggers on my most recent tats. The tats themselves have nothing to do with the women. These are things I wanted on my body before I even knew them. But the pain and meditative state that you go into when sitting in the chair and getting inked is like a release and a way to get the remnants of the women out of my system. Sorry to get all T philosophical on your asses there. But like I said, I’m telling my tat tales. I got a Shakespeare quote from Twelfth Night on my right arm (“Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them.”) because I’m a writer and ol’ Billy Shakes is the writer above all other writers in my eyes. On my left arm I got a Christian Larson quote (“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”) my cousin & his wife gave to me on a birthday card asking me to be their daughter’s godfather. Both were done in courier font in one sitting because that is the font Hollywood uses on movie & TV scripts. I look down at both quotes and read them every damn time I’m hurting and need to pick myself back up again. They haven’t failed me yet.

Tattoo #8: My Pen Sword On The Outside Of My Right Forearm
You know the old saying “The pen is mightier than the sword” right? Well being a writer and being a guy who has gone through some shit and has and will kick some ass when necessary, I combined the two. I’m a rightie. I write rightie. I punch rightie. Last year I had my tattoo artist come up with a concept I gave him. It took two 3 hour sessions. The tattoo just came out straight nasty! It represents everything that I am, was and want to be. In ink.

Tattoo #9: The Boston Compass Rose On My Left Elbow
Number 3 on this list pretty much sums up why I got this tattoo. I wanted this tat for years. I had my tattoo guy come up with a variation on this Boston landmark. We went old school like a compass ripping off an old map with the sun shining through. And sitting in the north position is Boston. So I’ll always find my way home baby. This took a couple of sessions too. With a lot of heavy ink around the elbow. That gave a good burning sensation let me tell you! But now I finally have “Boston” somewhere on my body. This tattoo has a lot of sentimental value to me. It is without a doubt one of my favorite tats.

So there! I finally talked about all my tattoos. Some of you asked. Some of you didn’t. But now you all know. Am I done getting inked up? No. Right now I’m kind of a big deal working in corporate America so I hide my tats under fancy button ups and suits. When I’m able to make a living writing scripts or with T-blawg the TV Series I’ll definitely get a lot more. Full sleeves. Back. Whatever. Like I said, I love tattoos. They are a part of who I am. They tell my stories even when I’m not talking or writing. And I like to believe I’m a good storyteller in every way possible.


Until next time. Always take it there.