T-pisode 171: Chasing The Dragon

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Elliott isn't real Pete! You're imagining him! You stupid son of a bitch.
Elliott isn’t real Pete! You’re imagining him! You stupid son of a bitch.

Wait…what? Is this T-pisode going to be about smoking heroin??? Oh hell no. What’s wrong with you people? No. This is going to be about women of course. Women in this case are the proverbial dragon. After I came off of my now infamous dating sabbatical of the Fall of 2012, I had a few women that I had some interest in. I was interested because one, I just came off a damn dating sabbatical. Pay attention! Two, I’m a guy so I’m always horny. Or hungry. Or both. And three, not going to lie, I was kind of lonely. So I had some decisions to make. My pipeline was absolutely empty and I promised myself to never ever have another chick pipeline again. Because doing so would only cause me to end up down the same roads that I didn’t want to go down ever again. I had to get back out and start meeting women again. So I did. Now here’s the rub. After taking everything I learned during my dating sabbatical meeting women just wasn’t the same for me. Because I didn’t want what I used to get. It was difficult. I was more alert. More selective. I met a few but none that really wowed me. I also had some “existing” women that I knew for a while that I mistakenly thought I had potential with. These new women and the existing women caused me to realize I was “Chasing The Dragon.”

Unlike a woman, a guy tends to not over analyze everything when it comes to the opposite sex. Which can be a good thing. A guy, unlike a woman sometimes tends to not think at all because we as men are usually stupid 9 out of 10 times when it comes to the opposite sex. Men are stupid. Women are crazy. That’s a fact. Regardless of age and experience, we are still stupid. I admit that. So like a dope, I tried to make something out of nothing with some of these women. I had new young ones on the hook that I didn’t want. New ones who were too easy to get. New ones who showed me their crazy red flags a mile away. The pre-dating sabbatical T would’ve had some fun with these girls. Lots o’ fun. The post-dating sabbatical T wanted nothing to do with them. NOTHING. So I walked away. Some kept trying. They were “Chasing The Dragon” with me. Since I didn’t want them that put me in a situation where I was trying to get dates with women who obviously weren’t that into me. The existing women. I was trying to make something out of nothing. Texts weren’t returned. Date ideas I suggested were not reciprocated. The flirting wasn’t returned. I was clearly “Chasing The Dragon” with them. It just wasn’t there. I was by no means desperate. I just wanted to hang out with a good girl. I even broke a cardinal rule of mine and reached out to one of the girls I used to date. Which is a T no-no! You can never go back! I snapped out of it and stopped trying with her. The one that kept coming up with excuses? I stopped asking her out too. The one that didn’t return the texts? I stopped texting THAT one. Did this make these women jerks? No. They did to me what I did to the girls I wasn’t interested in. Should they just have come out and said they weren’t interested in me like that? Absolutely. Just like I should’ve told those new girls I wasn’t interested in them. Instead, we all wasted our time “Chasing The Dragon.” Get it yet?

Dating doesn’t get any easier the older you get. Hell no it doesn’t. Meeting people definitely does though. Because you know exactly who you are. You’ve lived through a lot. You are comfortable socializing anywhere, anytime, with anyone. That comes with age. That’s the easy part. But after the initial meeting, when it comes to the dating part? No. That’s the hard part. And it gets harder and harder the older you get as a single person. Because you are SO stuck in your ways. You know EXACTLY who you are. You’ve been through it all. You’ve seen it all. This actually unknowingly sabotages the part between the meeting and the dating. I now have to work on that area. I never had to before. It’s a new gray area that I’m not that familiar with. But I’m glad I can acknowledge that and work on it. Because that should be better than “Chasing The Dragon.” You have to know what you want and you shouldn’t have to chase after it. Because if you don’t know what you want, then you’ll never catch it. I went out and bought a dragon painting. I placed it on my wall as a reminder to never “Chase The Dragon” again. I hope it serves that purpose! If it doesn’t, I either better start watching Bruce Lee movies or learn some fucking karate now.


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