T-pisode 173: T Climbed The Corporate Ladder

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I still do my best not to bring the streets into the office and throw someone a Boston beat down daily
I still do my best not to bring the streets into the office and throw someone a Boston beat down daily

One thing I rarely talk about in my T-pisodes is my day job. I mean let’s stop shitting ourselves here people, in all honesty it’s my career until I am able to flip my movie & tv scripts for a living. But I don’t mind it. I actually like it. It more than pays the bills. I’ve been in the industry for some time now so I have built a pretty good network and acquired a shit ton of knowledge & experience. And well, I’m pretty fucking good at what I do. How I got here has been a journey. One hell of an epic T tale if I do say so myself. In my earlier days in Corporate America, I did a lot of crazy shit. Dumb shit. I always worked hard but my “street” way of life and bad attitude followed me into the office during those early days. I didn’t just burn bridges, I blew them up. I masterminded schemes that ended my enemies’ careers. I banged my way through on the occasion. I even tried to beat up a boss or two. But eventually, like at most things in my life I smarten up. Those dumb Corporate America T days are far behind me. However, on my way up to where I am today I learned a lot about business acumen, money, politics & character. The four driving forces of my career. Here are some things I’ve learned and will share with you all right now. They apply to all industries. Trust T.

T has never been one to kiss ass and never will be. Don’t kiss ass, earn respect. My honesty has made me a commodity. Being honest makes people want to work with you. Make a promise and make sure you keep it. Don’t know the answer? Don’t lie. Tell them you don’t know but will find out. Immediately. Set expectations, then fucking over deliver. Surround yourself with good people and trust them. The workplace has no room for drama. Share the responsibility. That means don’t just take credit for you. That also means you have to step up and take the blame when things go bad. Don’t point fingers but be firm and get answers. Two words…due diligence. Thank me later there. You are NEVER above any job or project. Big or small. Dress two levels above your pay grade. Always. Smile and shake hands. Make eye contact like you’re on a fucking first date! Never stop taking classes, trainings or going to seminars. You have to because you need to stay sharp and know that they are five people trying to take your job. Be careful who you share your personal life with! You think the people I work with know about T-blawg? My scripts? My dating life?! They’ve never seen one tattoo under my suits, ties & button ups. I’m a businessman yo! Your salary should be double your age by the time you’re 25 years old. You should be making 6 figures by the time you’re 30 plus. Don’t eat where you shit, no office sex! Never give a friend or family member a job where you are their boss. Refer them, give them a recommendation, pull some strings elsewhere or in another department but you’ll regret working with them every day if you hire them. No one in Human Resources is your friend. Not everyone has the same personality as you, some people do take things personally so you have to adapt to their personality to make sure you work well together. Not everyone has to be your friend but you damn well better be the bigger person and find a way to work well with them. Know how to write a decent fucking email. Always delegate responsibilities when you are out of the office. Don’t assume “someone will take care of it.” Take your boss to lunch, your boss’s boss to lunch, your staff to lunch, your team to lunch and your co-workers to lunch. At that lunch make sure you break the ice, build rapport, find a common ground, and then talk shop. Postmortem. The postmortem meeting is such an underrated tool. Always have a postmortem meeting once a project is complete. Never quit a company out of anger and never without another job lined up. That is just foolish. Sometimes you outgrow a position but know your options and list pros & cons before doing anything rash. Never let a person you work with be the reason you leave a company. Know your worth and make sure the people in the bigger offices in the floors above you know it too. Make sure everyone in the company knows your name and has a face to go with it. Keep your desk clean. Know where everything is at all times so you don’t get flustered when someone needs it yesterday. And finally… never ever doubt yourself. You earned that spot. If you doubt yourself then everyone else will doubt you too.

So there you have it. Everything that T has learned in all his years in Corporate America. Well not everything, but you have the core stuff right there people. Do with it what you want but don’t say T never did anything for you. I’m not just all Bro Codes, Boston and dating people. T-blawg is my path to the world, if I can help a bunch of strangers that enjoy this site then I’ll sure as hell do what I can. Once again, I don’t know everything. I’m not better than anyone else. I’m not Mr. Perfect. I’m just a dude living my life and sharing what I’ve learned in this life. I love walking in these shoes. Because hot damn, they fit so well.


Until next time. Always take it there.