T-pisode 182: The Age Dating Changes

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This guy is definitely a fan of T-blawg because he sounds just like me.
This guy is definitely a fan of T-blawg because he sounds just like me.

Are you all ready for another classic T’s take on dating again? Oh you know you are!!! I think dating T-pisodes have taken up about 60% of T-blawg no? At least 20% goes to Bro Code shit I think. And the other 20% is straight fucking random awesomeness! T still brings the thunder on here. All day son! ALL DAY!!! Wait. Where was I again? Oh yeah, dating. What’s my latest dating revelation? This one is a doozy! So, I’m in my 30s now. Yep. I am. And dating in your 30s is very interesting indeed. Because men in their 30s tend to date a lot differently than women in their 30s. This I know for a fact. Dating in your 20s is a “meet” market of sex, mistakes, lust and bullshit. There is the occasional real deal here and there but for the most part it is a clusterfuck. Pun intended. But a good clusterfuck. Dating in your 30s? Well, there is less of some of that. There is a lot less of that actually. So you change up the way you date. Whether by choice or just by accepting the fact that you are in your 30s, still single and still wanting to date. Dating changes in your 30s and here’s how it goes down for both men and women.

Men dating in their 30s are stereotyped as man whores never wanting to grow up and settle down. Women in their 30s are stereotyped as having something wrong with them and that’s why they’re still not married. Those stereotypes are both right and wrong. I’ve seen both sides of that fence. Me? Well we all know where I stand at this point. It’s been my mantra on here. Keep going living the awesome life until I meet that special one. Boom. But here’s what I realized. Women my age tend to give up on dating. They rather just stay in. They don’t really go out. They don’t have sex. They stay home and watch reality television playing with their pets and get mad at the world. Which sucks. For me mostly. Because I want a woman my age. They are honestly the best dates. The best women. When they actually leave the house and let me date them they are. They can carry a conversation because they are intelligent, been around the block a few times and have seen and done some shit. But they are also the same ones who get mad at guys in their 30s because they just think we want younger women to bang and be whores with. Well, we go young because there’s no commitment with these young 20 somethings. We bang them in between waiting to meet and date classy, grown up, sexy women like yourselves. But where the fuck are you? In the house! When the hell did us men become immature anti-marriage douches and when the hell did you women become hermits who obviously have something wrong with them?! In our 30s apparently! We did this to ourselves my fellow 30 somethings! CUT THE SHIT!

So here we are. In our 30s. And dating has changed. So what the fuck happens next? We change dating again. We make it work for us. The 30 somethings. No we can’t go back in time and date like we did in our 20s. Because if we could go back in time in a flying DeLorean I would do a lot more than just date. I would probably destroy the world by accident or some shit. What we can do is date each other. Date each other instead of staying home defeated. Date each other instead of banging 20 somethings as entertainment. Date each other and let all our fucking married and in serious relationships friends know that we are not damaged goods. That we are not lost causes. We are single but intelligent, good looking, successful, funny, loving 30 somethings who need to get back to dating again. Real dating. And we will find each other. I have no doubt about it. So go out and date dammit! Or you’ll force me to bang all your little sisters. Because I will. I’m just playing. Not really.


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