T-pisode 186: The Friend Zone

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She doesn't even need this tape around her body bro. You know damn well your ass is in the Friend Zone. Deal with it.
She doesn’t even need this tape around her body bro. You know damn well your ass is in the Friend Zone. Deal with it.

Ahhh the dreaded Friend Zone. Since I created T-blawg I have been asked by so many bros “T, when are you going to write about the Friend Zone?” “Have you ever been Friend Zoned?” “How do I get out of the fucking Friend Zone???” First, you all need to chill the fuck out before I start charging your asses for all this free advice I’ve been shelling out for almost 4 years. Second, I’m pretty sure in the 185 T-pisodes before this one that I have touched on it here and there no? Well if not, here you go. The Friend Zone. For those of you who don’t know what the hell it is, it is basically when a guy likes a girl more than a friend but she doesn’t feel the same way and only wants to be friends with him for the time being. But maybe she does feel the same way but can’t act on it for one reason or another. That people means his ass is in the Friend Zone. It sounds like something that happens in middle school yes, but it does happen a lot to grown ass single guys dating in this world. Now let me break down my experience with the Friend Zone.

I’m at the point in my life where I can be friends with chicks. I really can. Sure it’s friggin’ tough as fuck at times but I can do it. Just as long as I don’t get drunk around them if you know what I’m saying? I’m kidding. Not really. Chicks my age are great company. They really are. So much so that if they’re single and around my age, how could I not be attracted to them? Well, I can’t. It’s not possible. I’m not talking about the girls I’m dating. I’m not talking about the girls in my Bullpen. I’m talking about a handful of women who either put me in the Friend Zone or I purposely put myself in the Friend Zone. One or two women especially come to mind. Well one mostly. I really don’t want to be in the Friend Zone with them. I really don’t. But if we cross that line now, things will never be the same. Maybe down the road? But for now, I’m living in the Friend Zone with them. Sometimes it sucks. It really sucks. But I share things with them that I wouldn’t share with girls I was dating and they do the same to me. Right now the friendship is more important than our penis & vagina smashing together. But I’m really hoping that happens later. If I need to be friends with her first, then with this one? So be it. I’ll wait it out. And with that fellas, yes ol’ T has been placed firmly in the Friend Zone. Now. Before. And probably again somewhere down the line. It happens to us all. Just don’t be a pussy and put your life on hold for any of them. Not for a single one! Make sure you go out and date and get laid. Is there a way out of the Friend Zone? I have no fucking idea. But I do know it’s on her my dude. Realize this. It’s always on them. Women are a fickle species and they like to think a lot and see what happens. She wants to see how you deal with being in the Friend Zone. She wants to establish a friend connection with you. It’s more emotional than physical. But she does have a plan when it comes to relationships in her life, you’re just not in it right now. Not in that way anyway. Maybe someday. Maybe never. Just don’t wait and don’t develop feelings that she isn’t giving back. Keep it at “like” and keep fucking doing you and let her know that you are doing just that. For now she’s just a bro with boobs & a sweet ass that you trust and want to bang basically. That’s it.

So do I like the Friend Zone? No. Will I deal with being in the Friend Zone for her? Yes. Will I put my life on hold for her? Fuck no. I’m ready for the real deal at this point in my life when it comes to a serious relationship and if she doesn’t realize it now then maybe it’ll be too late for her when she finally does. But at least I have a good friend in this amazing, beautiful, funny woman. Or two. I lost count. I’m kidding. But there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m a grown ass man. I can have lady friends that I really like without crossing the line. Just be very selective about who you allow yourself to be in the Friend Zone with because some women aren’t as nice and will manipulate the shit out of you. That girl is no friend. She is an evil slampig and you just need to bang her silly and move on. I think we are all in the Friend Zone in way or another. Will any of us get out? Probably not. But maybe one of us will beat the odds. In the meantime, keep living your lives without regret. Trust T on this. Trust T on all of this. T-blawg is gospel.


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