T-pisode 188: T’s Warning Labels

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I mean why would you even have to ask? I friggin' put everything on this site! Shit!
I mean why would you even have to ask? I friggin’ put everything on this site! Shit!

If you’ve read T-blawg for the last 3 and ½ years I think you’ve been thoroughly entertained. I hope you have laughed a lot. I imagine that you have been able to see things through the eyes of a single man living his life while sharing his wisdom and idiocy at times. And I know that I’ve shared a lot about myself with you all. I’ve shared some funny stories, some serious stories, some embarrassing stories and some crazy ass stories. I think you all know me pretty well now. And I think the entire world knows there are some things you should never question about the guy under that Red Sox hat. That you should never question about T-blawg. That you should never doubt or question about T. I want to take this time to put my warning labels out into the world. I present “T’s Warning Labels.”


My Loyalty
To my family, to my friends, to my city, to the few women that I have been exclusive with. I stay loyal. I don’t stray. Never doubt T’s loyalty. You’ve been warned.

My Heart
When my brain, my body, my emotional well being, my bank account, my past catching up to me have all brought me to my knees, it’s always been my heart that has brought me back to my feet. Every single time. Don’t ever question if I have heart. You’ve been warned.

My Honesty
Never doubt it. Whether I said it or wrote it, I don’t lie. I put that on my father. Because of all his lies I can never lie. Never. Don’t ever call me a liar. You’ve been warned.

My Ambition
Don’t EVER fuckin’ question ol’ T’s desire to succeed. Don’t ever doubt my ability to see things through to the end. Put up an obstacle and I’m smashing the fuck through it to get what I want. End of story. You’ve been warned.

My Work Ethic
I went to school every day of my life. I went into the Honors program when most Eastie kids were going into DYS or jail. I received a scholarship to participate in a pre-college program when most of my friends were in Summer school or dropped out of school. I come into the office every day to crush it. I go home every night and write until the birds start chirpin’ before the sun comes up. I’m at the gym when most people are eating their bacon & eggs or tweetin’ from the toilet. I sit down with studios, investors, agents trying to get a movie/TV/T-blawg deal every chance I can create. My work ethic? Un-fuckin’-matched son. Question it and you get slapped kid. You’ve been warned.

My Sense of Humor
Why is this on here T? Because if I didn’t laugh at myself, at you, at the world, I would not be here right now. I got my mother’s sense of humor. And that’s the ability to laugh when you have nothing. Being able to laugh at myself has made me humble. I love to laugh. I love making people laugh. Nothing is more beautiful than making someone close to me laugh or making a sexy lady laugh. Nothing! Leave my crazy ass sense of humor alone! This is why you come here. You’ve been warned. I’m joking. Not really.

My Dedication to My Writing
You breathe? T writes. No warning needed right?

My Family/Friends Before Me
Always. They know this. It will always be that way. Fuck with them and you won’t even get a warning. I’ll just end you on the spot.

My Ability to Knock You The Fuck Out
I’m grown now but I promise you this, I am still without a doubt the last person on God’s green Earth that you want to piss off. Don’t tug on Superman’s cape. Don’t poke the bear. Don’t wake a sleeping dragon. Don’t piss off T. This entire thing was a warning.

My Love for Movies
Yep. I love them. I watch them. I quote them. I study them. I write them. I’m trying to make them. Please don’t ever ask me why I watch so many movies or why I always want to go to the movies. It’s just one of those things that we all have. We all have a thing. And this is my thing. This is T’s thing. Let it be. Don’t mess with my thing!!! That’s what HE said. You’ve been…ah you get the picture by now.


So there you have it. Between this T-pisode and all the years you have come here to see some cool shit and hear me constantly talk about myself, I hope you learned a few things about this guy and now you know I come with warning labels. Most of us do. I just happen to list them on my own website. There’s a lot going on with this guy people! Just keep on enjoying the show. I appreciate your patronage. Don’t forget to tip your waitress. You better tip her.


Until next time. Always take it there.