T-pisode 189: T Does California…Again

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Because I like her, I'll let the Angels hat slide for this T-blawg Pose
Because I like her, I let the Angels hat slide for this T-blawg Pose

I know I did a “T Does LA” T-pisode before people. You don’t need to remind me. And no this isn’t a rerun. Wait, is that even possible on here? Anyway, I wanted to write about my latest trip to California and not just LA. Because it was probably the best Cali trip yet. I’m talking my vacation Cali trips. Not my business/screenwriting Cali trips. They are different. I try to get out to California about twice a year for business & pleasure. The place has grown on me over the years. I have some good friends out there. Some favorite spots I like to hit up. I know a few amazing lady friends there. And there are some very close people I call my “West Coast Family” for a reason. I usually spend my week long vacation in Los Angeles & Newport Beach. I have a system on this vacation. The first part is always in LA so I can get a little “Nasty T” style wild as the crazy single guy that I still am and the last part is always in Newport Beach where I can just chill the fuck out without a care in the world while getting my grown man relaxation on. This is how T does Cali.

A lot had changed in my life since my last trip to Cali in 2012. A lot. I got upped in my day job by the Corporate America Gods. I got upped in my screenwriting chase by the Hollywood gatekeepers. My bank account got upped. My whip (car) got upped. I upped kidney stones out of my body in a near death experience. I even upped my ass out of the young female drama then briefly back into it with a trip to Paris and then PERMANENTLY back out of that young drama after a long dating sabbatical. My family went through a lot with my mother’s health. I finally found some sort of peace with my old man. It seemed like the entire world was doing the damn T-blawg Pose. I was deep into my insane Tough Mudder training. And all of Boston just went through the horrible Marathon tragedies. My mind was all over the place and I needed this friggin’ vacation. I really needed California. I stayed in the Loews hotel right in the middle of touristy Hollywood. Which I never do. And this hotel was a high end hotel and I deserved it. I really did. My first day in LA was a Tough Mudder training “cheat” day and it was a Saturday. Lucky T yo! I pretty much ate my weight in In N’ Out burger then got my drink on all over Hollywood that night with a pretty special lady I always enjoy seeing when I’m out there. This girl really knows how to walk up to a Boston guy at the bar and make his mouth drop. We had a really great time. The next day I nursed my hangover at one of my favorite spots owned by a Boston pal, Big Wangs. I ate salad and drank iced tea. Because it wasn’t a Tough Mudder cheat day dammit! Go ahead. Make fun. I would. But I watched the Bruins destroy the Rangers 5-2 and got to see her again. The next few days I got some good workouts in outside on the roof deck of the Loews hotel looking over Hollywood Blvd under the Hollywood sign. That shit was awesome. Like some old school Entourage type shit. I even got a run in through the Hollywood Hills. That LA heat almost killed my Boston ass. I managed to get some lunch in with an old flame as well. Ten years later we were both far removed from when we met in New York, New York in Vegas all those years ago but it was great seeing her again. I got that hot ass pic of her doing the T-blawg Pose up top. Yep. My life is sweet. And this time around I finally got to take in a flick at the ArcLight Hollywood which as a movie guy was always on my “To Do” list. Then I took that scenic train ride down to Newport Beach.

Newport Beach was a great time spent with my West Coast Family eating amazing food, drinking great booze, playing with deadly guns, sitting around beach bonfires telling offensive jokes, having great conversations about life and everything in between and I even got to drive a friggin’ boat yo! Yeah…T…driving a boat. Picture that shit. I also finally got a few pics of that classic west coast sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Would you believe it took me 13 years to get that shot? That shit took this Boston guy’s breath away. And last but not least, I was woken up promptly every day at 7AM with my little wingman pushing Matchbox cars across my forehead. This was all a huge contrast from the LA part of the trip but this was the part that meant the most to me. This was the deep stuff. The meaningful stuff. It’s the stuff that the closet people to me on both coasts now have and where I hope to eventually head in my life. So I got in the best of both worlds. That’s what I always get out of my vacations in California. I don’t know how many of those vacations I have left in me as the T I am today, but I do know that I plan on riding off into that Cali sunset one day knowing what is out there waiting for me. I really love Cali, but I still love Boston the best.


Until next time. Always take it there.