T-pisode 194: Never Assume

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Another one of my sayings turned into a meme! This is why I'm pissed in this T-pisode people.
Another one of my sayings turned into a meme! This is why I’m pissed in this T-pisode people.

I used to be an angry MOFO. Now? Ehhh…not so much. But there is one thing that still really bothers the shit out of me. And that thing is when someone assumes that they know me and totally misses the mark when it comes to me. They weren’t even close. Their assumption is a joke. Look, I can’t go around wanting to fight everyone like that angry kid in his teens and 20s used to do. So I have to handle things a lot differently these days. I’m actually pretty chill these days mostly because I’m too damn busy living my life, getting shit done and being awesome. Now anyone who knows me, I’m talking about the guy under the Sox hat, REALLY knows me. There isn’t any way around not knowing the type of man I am. Not knowing my work ethic. My hustle. My sense of humor. My love of Boston. My life. And so on and so on. But you’d be surprised at how many people in my everyday life really think they know me and are so damn far off the mark so they just assume shit about me. That is just stupid and I won’t tolerate it.

Don’t assume because you are just making an ass out of you not me. That’s how I say that old saying. Now you don’t need to know that two of my favorite TV shows are “Sons of Anarchy” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” But you do need to know that I am writing TV shows and trying to get them sold, made and put on the air. You don’t need to understand why I have to watch so many movies because of my want to be the best damn screenwriter to ever come out of Boston but you need to know that I go to the movies every week for that very reason. You don’t need to know who my favorite Patriots player is but you better not bother me any Sunday during September through February because I will be at every single Pats game! You don’t need to know my Signature Drink but if you’ve drank with me a bunch of times and you have the balls to buy me a bottle of some shit I don’t even drink I’m going to smash the bottle in front of your house as soon as I leave your stupid holiday party and piss on your lawn!!! See what I’m getting at? Between talking to me, calling me, texting me, being my Facebook pal, reading T-blawg, seeing the check ins when I go out, where I eat, where I date, what country I’m vacationing in, my latest tattoo….you should not have to assume much about me. That is just some disrespectful weak sauce right there son. Because it shows me that you don’t really know me and you’re not even trying. You might just be an idiot too. Go to the doctor and get checked for ignorance and stupidity. I hope he slaps you silly before I do.

What did we learn here today kiddies??? Anyone who has known someone for several years whether as a friend or relative or co-worker or has any sort of established relationship and they still don’t know the person but make up these ridiculous assumptions about them is an inconsiderate fucktard of epic proportions. That means you live in a selfish bubble of conceit and foolishness and you do not have any real relationships or healthy connections with anyone. And that’s just sad. I don’t like people like this. Not one single bit. At this point in my life I have to keep all the negative, inconsiderate assholes out of my life. Because they are not a part of my master plan. They do not encourage growth. They do not want me to succeed. They lack a positive outlook. So T is done with you. And you. And especially YOU! The fake, negative, assuming pieces of monkey shit have all been brought to the curb like the trash that they are. I hear the garbage man coming around the corner to come pick them up and dump them out of my life. That’s what you get. You assuming sons of bitches. Ok I’m done. Let’s get back to some #wouldwife and Bro Code shit or something! Woosahhhh. I need a shot.

Until next time. Always take it there.