T-pisode 197: What’s The Point of T-blawg?

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Yeah I know this meme has a typo in it but it was the only damn legacy meme with LOLz I could find. Give me a break!
Yeah I know this meme has a typo in it but it was the only damn legacy meme with LOLz I could find. Give me a break!

As I rapidly approach my 200th T-pisode and then the start of my 5th year a few weeks later, I am asking myself a few things about T-blawg. The main question that keeps popping into my head is “What’s the point?” At this stage of the game, this dude’s one man show has been seen by millions of people all around the world; has made a brand and identity out of tucking a baseball hat low with people doing the T-blawg Pose with or without them knowing it all over the damn place…especially Instagram. I see you. Hashtag tblawgpose please. Thank you; made Bro Code a common guy phrase with 14 chapters and counting; #wouldwife…I mean really, #wouldwife. I did that. You’re welcome social media; a book is being written; you all now know how a single man dates, travels, does business, succeeds, fails, does good, does bad, does Hollywood, does stupid; I sold the world on the awesomeness of Boston; and the universe has seen what it takes for one man to grow up while walking a fine line between jerk and gentleman. I look back and read that paragraph and think “Holy shit. That’s a lot. That is a lot from one man. I’ve given the world my life one Monday story at a time.” But what’s the point of T-blawg?

I’ve done T-blawg for free. There aren’t any ads on this site. No one is paying me. Yet. I won’t hand it over to a webmaster to post things to get more traffic or money. I will not let someone write a “guest” post. Because it isn’t from me. This site has pissed off so many of my friends and family over the last 4 years. This site has made so many people laugh. Feel. This site has driven women insane making them think every dating T-pisode or woman reference was about them. Most of them were about you by the way. I’m kidding. Not really. This site has inspired so many people. To write. To achieve. I have had people get jealous over this site. It’s success. The time I spend on it. I have had people doubt this site. My stories. Me. Doubt its success. Doubt what it can and will become. You’re not that guy anymore some say. T grew up. Stop it they say. The bad boy is gone. You’re nice now. I have had strange women from all around the world send me messages. Send me naked pics. Send me T-blawg Poses you could never even imagine. I have met dozens of women because of this site. I’ve even dated some of them. Yep. T-blawg has become its own entity. Sometimes I’m proud. Sometimes I’m not. But a lot can happen in 200 weeks people and I’ve run the gamut with this site. I might have to one day write a “Life After T-blawg” book because of how this site changed my life. But none of this is why I keep going with T-blawg. No. Am I out of stories? Oh hell no. Am I out of opinions at this point? Of course not. Am I done with the young thirsty T-blawg groupies? Absolutely!!! Psychos. Can I still entertain? You’re still here right? Is T-blawg still relevant? More than ever baby. But what is the point of T-blawg? Why do I keep going? What is this site, the stories, the pose, the point? You know what it all is? It’s my legacy. All of it. T-blawg is my legacy.

If I physically get wiped off of the face of the planet today. If I never sell a script. If I never have another crazy ass T style adventure. If I never date or bang another chick. If I never get in trouble with one of my boys ever again. If I never get married and have a wife or kids. If I can never make another friend or family member smile again because some giant black hole formed over Boston and sucked my ass up into it and I am never seen or heard from again, well, the world will still have T-blawg. My tales. My opinions. My #wouldwife hashtag. My T-blawg Pose. My Bro Code. My life. From my epic birth in Eastie to becoming a successful, upper-class businessman and everything in between. It will all live on forever. Even off of this site. Every time someone tucks their hat low. Every time someone quotes Bro Code. Every time someone uses one of my sayings as a hashtag or meme. Every time another website rips off something I lived through. Every time someone tells one of my stories for me. How many people can say they caused that? How many people can say they took everything about their life, everything that made and makes them who they are and put a ding on this world? Not many people. Not many at all. I mean I’m not done yet. No fucking way. I’m still taking it there. I want to make a dent on this world. Not just a ding. But if I disappear today, I made that ding. And I am so fucking proud of that. Good or bad. Whether or not you agree with anything I have ever done with this site, I took it there and left a ding. My way. A ding on you. A ding on a lot of people. A ding on this big ass world. That is a fucking legacy people. That is the point of T-blawg. Now what the fuck is your legacy going to be? Go out and make some dings. Tell them T sent ya.


Until next time. Always take it there.