T-pisode 198: Worst Week In Boston Sports Ever

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Do you know how many times this meme was sent to me that week by non-Boston fans? 10,000 at least! Fuckers
Do you know how many times this meme was sent to me that week by non-Boston fans? 10,000 at least! Fuckers.

Being a lifelong Bostonian and Boston sports fan I have had my ups and downs in life and my sports teams have had their ups and downs as well. I went through their glory days in the 80s in diapers. Went through puberty and suffered with them in the 90s. Then got a glorious & epic run when my 4 sports teams captured 7 championships from 2001-2011. The Decade of Dominance. A feat never achieved by any other city and may never be accomplished again. Sports just like life are very fucking cyclical people. Highs & lows. You take the good and the bad. You cheer. You cry. You yell. You win. You lose. I’ve been through it all with my city and my teams. But nothing could prepare me for the epic kick in the fucking balls that happened this Summer. When the shit hit the fan in Boston and we all got showered in shit.

Enter June 23rd through June 29th 2013. If you are a Bostonian or a Boston team fan, you know what I’m talking about. If you are not a Bostonian and just so happen to hate all of Boston and all of Boston’s teams, you still know what the fuck I’m talking about. Let me recap the recent Boston sports events. Ok? Let me tell you about the shit that made me want to cry. Baby Jesus Boy Tim Tebow is a Patriot. The most useless QB allowed into the NFL. Mr. Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries is here. He is a Celtic. Famous for being married to a reality show slut instead of being a great basketball player. Rob Gronkowski just had what feels like his 100th surgery in like under two years. Aaron Hernandez apparently killed at least 50 people and is in jail with the other gangbangers. Doc Rivers is no longer the coach of the Boston Celtics. The coach who brought the first NBA title to Boston since 1986. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett have been traded to the Brooklyn Nets. A fucking New York team. In the same fucking division. The Boston Bruins lost the Stanley Cup finals to the Chicago Blackhawks. Patrice Bergeron is a beast but his body is destroyed. Andrew Ference? No longer a Bruin. Jaromir Jagr? Also no longer a Bruin. And by the way, fucking sellout Ray Allen won the NBA championship with LeDouche and the Miami Heat last week, Nathan Horton IS NOT getting resigned by the Bruins and it looks like little Tyler Seguin has been too busy banging Pink Hatters instead of playing good hockey and is going to get traded by the end of this T-pisode! Holy shit. And the shitty for the last two seasons Boston Red Sox are actually playing some great fucking baseball and may be Boston’s only hope at a title any time soon! So fuck your city’s sports teams’ problems!!! We just got beaten with a sack of doorknobs over here!

So that was the worst week in Boston sports in recent memory. Just like The Decade of Dominance, I don’t think any other city has ever had all of their sports teams get thrown a beating like that in one week ever before. That was painful. And it really sucked. But hey, like I said, sports are cyclical. Any real sports fan will tell you that. A Pink Hatter won’t. Know why? Because they jumped off the bandwagon already. But they’ll get back on once any of my Boston teams get back into the playoffs. Showing how fucking fake they are once again. Boston will get through this. Because Boston, its teams, its people have heart. And loyalty. The majority of us do anyway. I’ve been preaching that for years even before I ever started T-blawg. We’ll be back on top again. Trust me. So kick us while we’re down now, but I fucking guarantee a few more Boston sports championship T-pisodes before I’m done with T-blawg. Call your bookie on that bet.


*T Note: This was written immediately after that awful week ended. The Friday before this T-pisode was published? The Boston Red Sox won the American League East. From worst last year to first this year. Yep.


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