T-pisode 208: T Addresses The Nation-Year 5

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I'm running out of Bill Clinton memes.
I’m running out of Bill Clinton memes.

Happy birthday T-blawg! T-blawg has been in existence for 4 years now. Damn. And my life has really changed. It’s safe to say this little site changed the world in some ways as well. I lost count with the amount of people doing the T-blawg Pose. I’ve seen my “Bro Code” chapters and dating stories show up all over the place. #wouldwife is now a hashtag used in every social media platform. Not bad T. Not bad at all. Four years of putting my life out there for millions of people to learn, laugh, enjoy and entertain. And now the book shall be written!!! Are you serious?! All of this from one man under a Sox hat and one crazy ass site??? Holy fucking shit people. What a ride. So where does T and T-blawg stand now that Year 4 is a wrap and Year 5 has begun? Let’s go.

Once again, the streak is alive! 208 straight Mondays of awesomeness. I even reached out to the Guinness World Records people to see if T-blawg could get into the book but they gave me some bullshit that while it is a record it is something they don’t recognize. But it’s ok to recognize some asshole with the world’s longest fingernails? So stupid. Anyway, in Year 5 there will still be the usual T-blawg stuff of craziness, awesomeness, Bro Code, dating, Boston, #wouldwife posts and travel adventures. As of last year though this site has caught up to my life. There is no going back anymore and I’ve grown up a lot. Well I’m still stupid in some ways. But hey, that’s why you all laugh right? The shift in Year 5 will be, well…me, once again. I’m in my mid-30s. I’m kicking in Hollywood’s door. I’m on the verge of flipping T-blawg into another media. I don’t date young, angry, miserable women or T-blawg groupies anymore. I make an excellent living running shit in corporate America. I travel the world. Grown Man Shit? Yep, more of that. T style of course. Also, a few fucktards are taking my non-PC writing style T-pisodes and cleaning them up and posting them on their sites getting credit for my life, my words, my advice. That shit ain’t flying with me so I’m going to change up my style in some upcoming T-pisodes. Less anger. Less crazy. Less profanity. Less East Boston. Time to let them know who the king of kings still is and who started this all. Because I know you hacks are reading this right now. Argo fuck yourself. You can’t even lace up my old, still white, Eastie Nikes or fit into my very first Sox hat fuckers let alone the expensive shit I buy now. All self made, unlike yourselves. So watch what I put out in Year 5. Shit is going to be epic. Shit is going to be real. Shit will most likely still get me in trouble! But hey, how does T roll? You all know by now. And thank you for that. Thank you for knowing who I am and what I do. Thank you for coming back not just every Monday, but everyday now. Because I learned this past year that a lot of you follow on social media but never even come here to T-blawg. Hey, I try to entertain on social media as well. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram are the appetizers but the main course is still served here. Either way I’m just glad my crazy ass is feeding so many!

Year 5. How many more “Bro Code” chapters does T have left in the tank? What will T vent about like a mad man in this year’s “Festivus” T-pisode? Will there be another “Valentines Day Sucks” T-pisode? Where in the world will T go next? Will there be a “Boston’s Hottest & Kinda Famous Women 3” this year? Will T finally meet the one and fucking settle down? Will T finally sell a movie or TV script? Will he ever do another T-vlawg video? Will the hat ever come off??? Is this the year T finally beats the shit out of Dane Cook?! Who will do the #tblawgpose next and who else could T possibly #wouldwife? How much more can T brag about his city of Boston and it’s awesome sports teams??? All of this will be answered and a shit ton more in Year 5! Because no one can still take it there like T. No one. Year 5…shit just got real. More real than how shit usually gets. Wait, what?


Until next time. Always take it there.