T-pisode 249: Dating Happy

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This chapter in MY book will be 800 times longer. At least.
This chapter in MY book will be 800 times longer. At least.

I’ll start by saying that this is going to be a “nice” dating T-pisode, ok? I’m going on a nice guy tear here and not an angry T rant with this. I actually hope that all the angry dating writing is out of my system at this point in my life. Oh please Baby Jesus let it be out of my system!!! Alright, on to the nice shit. Let’s begin shall we? I think I’m onto something with all this dating stuff. I’ve done a lot of dating. No need for me to rehash any of those stories. You can go search “dating” down there on the left and you’ll get access to my dating library. I don’t want to read them anymore. I lived them. And moved on. So my latest “thing” on dating is what I like to call “Dating Happy” and while it may not be a mind-blowing revelation, it is one of those things that is so damn obvious you just can’t see it until someone points it out to you. And that someone is ol’ T over here.

A lot of people are not happy. It’s true. A lot of single people are not happy. A lot of single people are so unhappy that they think by dating they may find someone to make them happy. Well I got news for you. You are who you are. Dating someone will not make you happier if you are not already a happy person. If you don’t like your job, dating won’t make you happy. If you don’t like your morning and afternoon commute, dating won’t make you happy. If you don’t like your love handles, your beer belly, working out, your friends, your family, your apartment, your car….dating WILL NOT make you happy! Because you are just not a happy person. I’m sorry. But someone had to tell you. So get your shit together before your unhappy ass makes the person you are dating unhappy as well. BUT if you are already a happy person and you’re single and dating, guess what? You’re going to make that other already happy person you are dating that much more happier. And THAT’S what it is all about people. Two happy people coming together and making each other even happier!!! Not one miserable person trying to fill an empty hole in their life by only dating to find a happiness that they don’t already have inside of them. Not two miserable souls dating and making each other even more miserable. NO! You have to already be happy to date happy! See? It’s not rocket surgery or brain science. Wait, what? Life is to be enjoyed. Whether you are on your own or with the person you love. We’re on this great big beautiful planet for a short period of time to live, love and learn. If you’re all about those three things, then your ass is going to be happy. And if you have the mentality that dating will bring you someone else who also shares the same mindset of having one shot at this thing called life and just wants to live, love and learn with you, then you two will be “Dating Happy.” Boom. Mind blown after all, right? You’re welcome.

I’m a happy guy. Yes I am. It took some time to get here, but I am happy. I like to think that I make the women I date even happier. Especially now that I no longer date miserable women. My smiles are genuine because I’m happy. My laugh is loud because I’m happy. I’m happy with my job, my writing, my friends, my family…my life. And people know this. They see it. They feel it. People like being around happy people. People like to date other happy people. So go be happy. Find your happiness then go date. And find someone awesome enough who until you met them you didn’t think that you could possibly be any happier than you already were. But somehow she or he did it. They made you even happier. Be happy on your own and date until you are happier. That’s it. Simple, right?



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