T-pisode 316: Keys To Happiness Part 2: Small Circle

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Meet people. Make friends. See the world. Get to know yourself. But keep your circle tight. Your closest will always make you the happiest.
Meet people. Make friends. See the world. Get to know yourself. But keep your circle tight. Your closest will always make you the happiest.


*There is just too much hate & sadness going on in the world today so I’ve decided to do a 5-part T-pisode series about my own personal keys to happiness in this crazy thing we call life.


Know what makes me happy? People. No seriously. I mean I’m a wiseass and I tend to bust the balls of everyone I care about. The more I like you, the more I’ll bust your balls. And there isn’t a better group of people whose balls I like to bust more than those select few in my inner circle. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I know A LOT of people. My reach extends from Boston across the country to Los Angeles, Hollywood, etc. to all over Europe now. Yep. Sure does. But I only rely on, love and stay in daily contact with my small circle.

I don’t have to see my small circle everyday. Nope. The key to happiness with a good small circle is that they know you. They know and respect your life. They know and respect your busy schedule. They know and respect your borderline offensive sense of humor. And they love and respect you because they know YOU. Whether I’m sitting with someone from my small circle or whether I’m with a few of them in person or just texting back & forth nonsense throughout the day, I know that I’m loved. They know that I love them. We’re not always in each other’s physical presence but our presence is always felt. It’s a support system when you don’t even need it. Everyday I “talk to” most of my small inner circle in one form or another. If I come across something funny or offensive, I know EXACTLY who I can send it to. Who I can call and laugh about it with. The craziness that comes with loving me means that you also have to put up with me. I know that I’m hard to love. I know that my circle respects my honesty but also hates that about me sometimes. I know that my circle knows how busy I am and that they love my hustle but that they also get pissed when I’m “too busy” for their liking at times. I get it. And they get it. But my life makes me happy and they’re a part of my life. And I’m a part of theirs. Over the years my circle has become smaller and smaller but that center core has remained intact. Some have brought wives and kids into that core circle and I love them all more for it. When I’m down, they all pick me up now in their own special ways. And I couldn’t be more thankful or happier for that. For them.

My small circle will tell me I’m a pain in the ass. That I’m outspoken. That I work too hard. That I’ll probably never settle down. That I’m absolutely insane at times. That I deny that I’m sensitive or passionate. That I get defensive when they’re right and I’m wrong. They know my flaws and my “few” weaknesses. But they also know that even at this age I’m the first one who will put somebody into the ground for each of them. Because their happiness makes me happy. And I’ll always put each of them first as often as I can but I know they understand the sacrifices I make when I can’t or when they don’t see me. For them I try. For no one else then…maybe. But that small circle of friends and family we each have makes each of us who we are because they know what truly makes us happy. And that’s key. See what I did there?


Until next time. Always take it there.