T-pisode 7: I believe in MIRACLES

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The world is a changin’. Things were a lot different about 10 years ago. But you either embrace change or get run the hell over by it. One of the biggest changes has been getting to know people. How technology has changed getting to know people really. You see, I’m old school when it comes to meeting people. Especially women. Even though I own a social media company, social media is not meant to replace good old-fashioned socializing. It’s meant to compliment it. Face to face socializing is going the way of the do-do bird between texting, iChatting, tweeting, etc. I don’t want to get to know you from your facebook. I want to get to know you from you! Let’s get to know each other in the real world a little bit. But it’s not like that. Facebook has changed the dating game. Completely. And while I love what it can do for business and staying in touch with old friends and family, I hate what it has done for dating.

Back in the day you went out. You meet a girl. You smile. She smiles. Introductions made. Conversation takes place. You ask her for her phone number. You make the call. It goes well. Dating ensues. Today? Shit. You don’t even have to go out! Odds are boy and girl already know about each other without even ever physically meeting each other because you see that you already have 50 facebook friends in common. So now you send a friend request based on that. Said request might get accepted. Once it does? You poke her. She comments on your wall with a “;) lol”. You let her know you like one of her sexy drunken pics. She comments “thanks”. Late night facebook chatting then occurs. Then finally, you meet at the same club or bar that you, her and those same 50 facebook friends happen to be at. At that point you both already know at least this much about each other from facebook: Friends; family; education; job; likes; dislikes; vacation places; music; movies; hobbies; where you grew up. So are you dating without dating??? Because this information exchange usually takes place over the first few months of dating. But that was then. This is now. Well you know what? I’m not down with that anymore! I’m bringing old school normal dating back! That’s right. I’m starting the “Meeting In Real life is Always Cooler and we’re dating so Lets Engage in Sex” movement! Or MIRACLES if you will.

Look. When I’m out and having a good time and an attractive woman catches my eye, I’m going to smile at her. And if she smiles back, I’m going right up to her and introducing myself. We’re going to have a drink. Maybe a few. We’ll do some chit chatting. We’re going to laugh. We’ll flirt. We’ll touch each other nonchalantly. Then I’m going to ask her for her phone number. Hopefully she’ll oblige. She better not say “Just hit me up on facebook”. I’m not going to hit you up on facebook. I asked for your number and I’m going to use it dammit! I plan on talking to you. We’re not going to get to know each other like a couple of robots exchanging information through computers! I want to talk to you obviously! If we have a nice conversation on the phone, we’re going out. On a real date. Then maybe another. And another. Drinks! Dinner! Pool! Bowling! Movies! Friggin’ mini-golf! All that corny, cheesy dating shit that people used to like to do! And from all that, we’re going to learn about our likes, dislikes, tastes in music, favorite tv shows, last time we went on vacation, family, job, hobbies…..get it?! Then we can become facebook friends. Because now we really are friends. Because we’re actually dating. Or maybe we’re friends with benefits. Either way now it’s ok to do all that facebook stuff. Hell, we can even poke. A lot. But not on facebook. In real life. Because after all, I believe in MIRACLES. And you should too!

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  1. This one time, my friend got asked on a date… on her Facebook wall. Shit got awkward, we swore from then on we’d never accept a friend request from a guy we were interested in. Needless to say that lasted about 5 minutes. I like your approach though, dating should be the way it always was-offline.


    1. Exactly. Nothing wrong with a little facebook flirting or tweeting, but the real stuff should happen away from the computer and phone. Thanks for the comment!


  2. I agree that most social media sites have changed dating as we know it. Also its creepy because unless you lock down your page, your ex’s find out you have a facebook and leave you messages or try to be your friend. Way to blow up the spot.

    Just my 2 cents..


  3. How in the world did I miss this blog post? Gah! I didn’t know about you in January. Things could have been so different. 😉 :p

    Love this: “Either way now it’s ok to do all that facebook stuff. Hell, we can even poke. A lot. But not on facebook. In real life. Because after all, I believe in MIRACLES. And you should too!”

    Great job, babe.


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