T-pisode 104: T Addresses the Nation

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Notice some changes??? Welcome to the new T-blawg!

It’s been 2 years. 104 straight Mondays. And unlike my 1 year 52nd post, I will not be listing out 104 things that made T-blawg. Instead I am going to write about the current state of T-blawg, where it’s been and where it’s going.

Greatest. President. Ever. That's what she said.

I’ve said it a bunch of times here. I started T-blawg to entertain people I knew with my crazy stories. Something more than 140 social media site characters and something less than my full movie & TV scripts. But over the last 104 weeks, T-blawg has evolved. Whether it’s a regular life story post, an epic chick list, a Bro Code chapter, a dating lesson learned, one of my visited city recaps or just my take on something in everyday life, people are liking T-blawg! It really has become “An original entertainment life blueprint” and I’m proud of it. T-blawg is no longer a blog. I’m not sure what it is quite yet. But it’s becoming something. That’s why I am dropping the “post” format and each Monday I’ll put up a “T-pisode.” Yeah. I think it sounds awesome too. Thank you. Steal it and I’ll sue. My old pic is gone. Replaced by a more Hollywood, Bostonish pic of my handsome mug. And there is a new iconic logo. I mean how cool will it be to have a hat logo on an actual hat one day??? That shit is funny. And the fun doesn’t stop there!!!

The new site design has been built to allow me to put up content at will. While the “T-pisodes” will still go up on Mondays only (AKA T-blawg Day) I will eventually start uploading random thoughts, pics, videos, links, etc.…. basically whatever I think is just straight fucking awesomeness! Because that’s how I roll. You know this by now. And for all you new T-blawg fans….welcome to the party! This past year T-blawg has been pillaged by shitty ass men’s entertainment sites that don’t have shit on T-blawg. They are trying to put out content that is not their own. These unoriginal sites can kiss my Italian ass. I’m making a bigger and better T-blawg and they can stay the same. They can stay whale shit. Fuck ‘em. I’m focusing on turning this site into something more awesome. Whether I’m putting up my honest life stories for 15 people or 15,000 people a month, I’m still going to do it. Because I enjoy it and you do too. Or else you wouldn’t be reading this. So get ready for more “T-pisodes” every Monday! The new T-blawg logo spreading around like an STD! “T-vlawg” videos featuring the beloved “Boston” accent! And more!!!

Eventually T-blawg may become a TV series. A late-night talk show. Or hell. Maybe even T-blawg “The Movie.” I don’t know yet. But something is happening. And even if it just stays T-blawg the site, well I’m cool with that too. I will continue to be as honest, funny, crazy and original as I can be. New site. Same T. Well, sort of. Like the site, I am changing as a man. I’m not the same guy who started this thing 2 years ago. Lessons learned. Life living. So as I grow as a man in my life, I’ll make sure that T-blawg does the same with me. Just keep coming back. Stay tuned for some cool new shit. And continue to enjoy the ride. I’m just getting started people. I won’t stop until this little original entertainment life blueprint has the entire damn world saying “Always take it there” along with me.

What do you think? Feedback is appreciated. Look. Feel. Any site problems. Whatever. Let me know! “Like” the new T-blawg on Facebook and keep talking to me on Twitter! They have been updated too.

Until next time. Always take it there.



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