T-pisode 116: T is Your Kind of Guy

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Look at this guy! I can still fit in that suit.

Just over a year and a half ago I put out this T-pisode. My Kind of Woman. I called it a rambling thought list at the time. It was my thoughts on the kind of woman who I would want. My ideal woman. If she existed this is what I would hope to get. To earn. To be with. I received a lot of comments, messages, texts etc. from tons of women after I put it up. A lot of women wished me good luck in finding her. Some asked me what I brought to the table to deserve such a great woman. What? Two and a half years of my wiseassness & awesomeness on T-blawg didn’t answer that yet? Ok. It’s time for me to man up and answer. Time to let the world know, especially the ladies, exactly what it is that makes me a man. A good man. Not the perfect man. Oh no. Far from it. But this is T. This is me. This is for that kind of woman. This is for her. Ready? Shit I hope so. Because this is going to take a lot of balls.


T is a real man. Not a perfect man. But a man who is proud of himself. Proud of who I was. Who I am. And who I am going to be. I’ll be even more proud of you. I work hard. Very hard. For myself, for my family, for my friends, for my future wife and kids. I always have something to say. I’ll talk to you. I’m educated. I’m opinionated. I’m experienced. I’m honest. Too honest? Maybe. But I won’t lie to you. Ever. I may not tell you everything. But I won’t lie. I’ve worked for every single thing I have. Nothing has ever been handed to me. Plenty has been taken from me. But I’m not bitter. Not envious. That means I’ll appreciate you. You should be appreciated. I’m a fighter. But I’ll do my best to never fight with you. We can talk anything out. Anything. I’ll never put my hands on you in a dangerous way. Only in a loving way. I’ll respect you. My mother and sister taught me that. I’ll open the door. Pull out the chair. Look you in your eyes. I’ll tell you you’re beautiful when you want to hear it. And when I want you to know it. I’m original. I’ll keep you surprised. I’m romantic. I’ll woo you. I’m great at wooing. You should be wooed. I can turn it on when I want. I’m a flirt. Sometimes I flirt without even knowing it. You’ll think I’m flirting when I shouldn’t and sometimes I’m too stupid to realize it. Because I’m still a guy. But my intentional flirting is for you and you only. I have tattoos. I probably won’t stop getting them. I can be an asshole. But a nice asshole. Especially to you. I hope you like Sons of Anarchy as much as I do. I don’t watch reality tv. You can. I’ll DVR the Sox game. I’ll be over here writing T-blawg. Let me know when you’re ready to go to bed. Not to sleep though. I’m a man’s man. I wrote the book on Bro Code. Just so you know. I love my sports teams. I’ll take you to games. If I get 4 tickets to the game and your friend shows up wearing a pink hat with her dopey boyfriend, she’s not getting my damn tickets! I’ll ask you about your day. I’ll even care. I’ll have some wine and a massage ready. But please don’t go on forever. Because I want your attention. I love working out. I’ll work out with you. I love not shaving. But you have to shave. Please. I am Boston. I live it. I talk it. I bleed it. But I am not a Masshole. If you like Boston half as much as I love it, we’ll be good. I’m Italian. But I don’t like ricotta in my pasta. I hate ravioli, lasagna and stuffed shells and I will not apologize for that! You name a place in Boston. A restaurant, bar, club, hotel and I will take you there. I write. All the time. I need you to get that. I want my words to entertain the world and to one day make the money to take care of you and everyone I care about. You really need to get that. My ambition is immeasurable. But it’ll never out measure you. I’m going 17 hours a day. I like to be busy. I’ll slow it down for you though. I quote movies a lot. It’ll probably annoy you at times. I love them. Hell I write them. I want to travel more around the world. I want you to do it with me. I’ll get the bill. I’ll pay every time. But you need to have the heart enough to want to pay yourself. But I won’t let you pay. I’ll spoil you. I make a great living. I dress well. I buy the things I want. But I respect money. Because I come from a place where we didn’t have any. You’ll appreciate that about me. I hope. I don’t play games. Not with you. Not video games. I don’t have time for that shit. I’m grown. I’ll text you back. But I won’t deal with the “Where are you?” texts every 5 minutes. You need to trust me. Trust is key. Lying is a deal breaker. I love comedies. I smile a lot. I laugh a lot. I love to joke. I’m a wiseass. I always have a look on my face like I’m up to something. Sorry. That’s how I roll. I’ll always make you laugh. Always. I’m very confident in everything that I am. I was born and raised in Eastie. So I sometimes have an attitude problem. I am not afraid of anyone or anything. Except failing. I can be a character. That just means I’ll keep things interesting for you. I sometimes speak without thinking. You may need to be my filter every now and then. I hope you’re up to the task. I do want to get married and have kids one day. My wife will probably be mother to some of the most evil kids ever born. I think I’ll make a good dad. Because my father wasn’t. I know a lot of people. I know a lot of things. I network. I talk. Because I believe you never know where that next opportunity is going to come from. But I’m not shady. I actually despise shady people. If you know shady people, I want nothing to do with them. I love music. Mostly hip hop. I hate country. Except Johnny Cash. I’ll make you a bomb mix tape. I’ll kiss you. I’ll hold you from behind when you are stressed. I’ll get on top of you, put my hand behind your ear, under your neck and look at you. Because I’ll always be in awe that you’re with me. That’ll make me want to try to keep you. I’ll do things to you that haven’t been done to you in the bedroom. Fact. I don’t cheat. I believe a relationship is a partnership. A team. We have to communicate. Have each other’s backs no matter what. Then we can disagree in the locker room with no outsiders. But again. Never fight! Try to talk it out. No yelling. You will only see me yell at the TV, when the Sox, Pats, Celtics and Bruins are losing. It’s crazy I know. We both need to compromise. I’ll listen to you. The big things. The little things. I’ll know your goals. Your desires. What makes you smile. I’ll care. Trust me. The past is the past. Mine. Yours. Let it stay there. I won’t bring my past relationship issues into this one. I promise. I don’t break promises. And finally, as busy as I get, if we’re together there isn’t anything I won’t say or do for you. I’m that way with everyone I care about. I’m loyal and I’ll always put you first.


Until next time. Always take it there.



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  1. Awe sweetie! This was fabulous! The future Mrs. T will be one lucky lady if all of this is on the up-and-up. Cheers to you and to her!


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