T-pisode 123: T’s Ode to Spring in Boston

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Tia's is even more of a sausage party when the Bruins bring The Cup!

Oh it’s time to party! Because it’s Marathon Monday,
AKA Patriots Day, our own Boston holiday

I’ll start drinking in the morning among good friends,
Then off to the Sox game…I’ll be too drunk to remember how it ends

It’s officially Spring in Boston! It’s that time of the year kid,
Where women walk with smiles and short ass skirts up to here kid

Time to run along the Charles and the Back Bay Fens,
Where college girls always jog and jiggle to no end

They’ll stop me while running, saying “Let me read that quote tat on your arm dear,”
Yes honey, unlike Leo in The Departed I know some fuckin’ Shakespeare

Thirsty Thursdays will turn into Hangover Fridays, but I’m a pro so no puke son,
Because at 5:00 I have to rally and hit up the bars on the last block of Boylston

Give me the lunchtime walks along Newbury street from Arlington to Mass Ave.,
Tempted by all the hottie tourists making me want to do some ass grabs

Get out of my way you fuckin’ out of towner! The Celtics are playing,
I need to find a roof deck so I can drink, watch and start praying

The Cs may be in the playoffs but they’re old and need my support,
I even got my playoff beard for the Bruins, but this year it might grow short

But that’s ok! Because now I’m at Tia’s! Come party bro!
That’s what I texted, followed by “It’s a sausage party though.”

Of course! It always is! So on to the North End to get some food with this chick,
She’s got dark hair, blue eyes and loves walking Hanover almost as much as she loves my big……

TV! As big as it is it’s not like the ones at Remy’s Seaport I know honey,
So we entertain ourselves then I call a cab and hand the driver some money

Off she goes. Time to sleep. Because who knows what tomorrow will bring,
I need to rest up because in Boston right now people, it’s fuckin’ Spring!



Until next time. Always take it there.




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