T-pisode 126: The Last Man Standing

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If this is the last man standing who took the picture??? Creepy!

Well the day has finally come. I am officially “The Last Man Standing.” All of my closest friends are either married, about to get married, have kids or are married with children. I am the last of my kind now. The last of a dying breed! The unwed, childless man some say. The Lone Ranger. The Walking Dead. ALF. Will Smith after his dog died in “I Am Legend.” Tom Hanks after Wilson left his ass in the ocean in “Castaway.” Woody after Andy grew up and stopped playing with him in “Toy Story.” Big Bird walking the world alone in “Follow That Bird!” I can go on and on with these movie and TV metaphors people!!! But you get the picture. It was inevitable. I know. It had to happen right? The loved. The settled. The grown up. The whatever you want to call it. They are all something else now. Except T. T is still that guy. Is that the problem?

Look. I’m happy for all of my closest people. I really am. Ask any of them! The drinks on me. The dinners on me. The gifts I get the kiddies. The weddings I am honored to be a part of. The engagement presents I give. The bachelor parties I throw. I love my people. I really do. Whether they married their long time high school/college sweethearts or someone they met at a bar we all used to go to together a few years ago, I am happy for them. Do your thing yo! Go get it! Be loved. Be merry. Now most of them didn’t have to change to find love or marriage. Maybe some changed after that. But it’s all good. But to get there they stayed true to themselves. Sure they had to compromise on some things during the time to get from meeting to dating to the relationship to marriage to kids. But they got there. One way or the other….they got there. I still haven’t. Which makes me think being me, as awesome as it is 99% of the time, may be the problem. Do I want to change who I am? NO. I’ve made some adjustments. Learned from my past. But at the core I’m still me. Still T. And now I have to make that call. Stay the man I am now and keep going at life the way I have been for so long or become someone else to find that special girl?

I like my life. No. I LOVE my life. Coming and going as I please. Making big bucks. Going out whenever I want. Writing scripts and flying to LA. Traveling the world. Living in Boston. Going to any game, bar or restaurant I want. Having fun with the ladies. Putting out T-blawg for the world. Spoiling friends and family. All of those things. They are me. They are my life. But some of that stuff that I love so much is stopping me from finding the one true woman for T! She’s “The Last Girl” to this “Last Man Standing.” And I don’t even know how the fuck to find her at this point! Crazy I know. Like I’ve always said, my age doesn’t dictate where I should be in life. There isn’t a “Need to get married” clock ticking. But I want that “Last Girl” now more than ever. And I need to do whatever it takes to find her. I’m not going at this shit alone anymore people. The decision has been made. She’s out there. And I’m going to find her. I will not die as “The Last Man Standing.” FUCK NO.


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