T-pisode 128: T Don’t Believe In Mistakes

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Biggest mistake ever Bill Buckner! Glove to the ground!!! Dick.

The life that I’ve lived has allowed me to do some crazy, messed up shit. Straight up. It really has. There have been situations where I would do things without thinking and there have been other situations where I put in so many evil thoughts and planning that both have had awful end results. Situations where I would find myself thinking “T. This isn’t going to end well. Don’t do it stupid.” And guess what? Yep. I did it anyways. Throughout my entire life I basically did some stupid shit. I’ve gotten better but back in the day I was like the dumbest smart kid. But here’s the thing. Every time I did something that was stupid or didn’t end the way I wanted, I would never do it again. Except when it came to women. I still make most of the same mistakes with them. Hey, women are my kryptonite! But otherwise, I don’t make mistakes. Because to me it’s not a mistake if you learn from it and never do it again. That’s my motto. Fuck YOLO. No seriously. Grown adults should not being saying YOLO. You sound like a total ass bag.

Now regrets? Those are different. Sure I have regrets. Hell I have a million of them. But who doesn’t? Regrets to me are bad decisions. At one time or another I was placed in a situation where I made the wrong choice. But you always have a choice. I hate it when people say “I didn’t have a choice” and use that as an excuse. Bullshit. You always have a choice. You may not like any of the choices you have to choose from but you have to make one. And that’s how you end up with regrets. Now as a grown man carving his way through this big bad world, I try not to have regrets and I don’t make mistakes. I’ve managed to put myself in a mind frame, a customized way of living basically where I’m pretty aware of everything I am saying or doing. Most of the time. When I’m drunk that shit goes right out the window. But most of the time I try to think about what I’m doing or saying. Because I’m at the point in my life where I don’t have time to fuck up. Time is my most precious commodity and I can’t waste it. Not on jobs or projects that won’t get me the best results or most money. Not on women who don’t know if they care about me or not. Not on friends or family members who don’t believe in forward progression because they’re too busy basking in their own drama and self pity. And certainly not on anyone or anything that is going to get in my way of success, love and happiness. That people is why T don’t believe in mistakes! Does this make me perfect? Oh fuck no!

I figured out that always being aware of who I am and what I want in life while doing the day to day shit and dealing with the day to day people will help me make good decisions. Have better choices. Limit regrets. And for fuck sake, stop making so many mistakes. Chalk it up to age. Intelligence. Life experience. Or all three. I don’t know. But all I do know is that my life over the last few years as a grown, successful man has vastly improved since I started doing this. A bonus….I’m not an asshole as much anymore either. Which is always a great success! High fiiive!!! Seriously though. Try being more aware of who you are and what you want. Don’t just go about doing things without thinking or with bad intentions. Walk around with your head high and chest out because you’re trying to be a better person. Bottom line? You won’t make as many mistakes if you don’t believe in them. Trust T. And once again, thank me later.



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