T-pisode 132: T-blawging

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I admit it. I stuck a piece of bread on my mother’s cat. And I enjoyed it.

About a year ago like most people I came across what I like to call the “ing” interwebs fad. Yes. I will always say interwebs. The “ing” interwebs fad was just downright stupid. The first was “planking.” Which was basically some asshole laying on top of random shit trying to look like a stiff board. A plank. Therefore “planking.” Then a bunch of other unoriginal assholes decided to do some “planking” themselves. Any person who I knew whether in real life or on the interwebs that showed me pics of themselves “planking,” I quickly deemed them a stupid asshole and deleted them off my shit. Seriously. I’m heartless when it comes to stupid, unoriginal shit. Unfortunately this shit did not stop with planking. It started a wildfire that brought upon the world shit like “toothpicking,” “owling,” “batmaning,” “horsemaning” and of course “Tebowing.” The world was now full of unoriginal, stupid assholes trying to get some quick interwebs fame and it was just downright annoying. The “ing” fad almost destroyed all the originality in the entire world in a short time! It was scary. But during this time unbeknownst to T, I helped contribute to this fad. Oh yes. I did.

You see people, as I was banging away at telling my tales in the original, funny ass way that I do here on T-blawg a lot of that “OG” originality helped create it’s own “ing” fad. T-blawg itself was getting ripped off by a shit load of people out there! Other sites were taking my stories. Ripping off my lists. People who came to T-blawg every Monday and on Twitter were starting to say “Always take it there” or “Thank me later” in their tweets. Tons of people were tucking their Red Sox hats or other team hats really low and re-enacting my trademark, sideways half face pose! I swear! If I didn’t make promises I would post some pics of some very naked yet very hot ladies doing my pose in Sox hats. Straight boner material yo. Men everywhere were quoting and respecting the “Bro Code!” People were now freely showing their disdain for “Pink Hatters.” Everybody and their mother started their own “blogs” trying to tell what they thought were epic, life stories of straight awesomeness. But failed miserably. Because they were not awesome at all. And your travel stories are not T travel stories! With T-blawg, people were loving Boston and it was on the map again. Wait what? It already was? Shut up I helped! Anyways. With all this shit that I was putting out into the world and all the shit that people were ripping off caused the greatest “ing” interwebs fad to ever be created….T-blawging. That’s right. T-blawging bitches.

At first I was pissed at the T-blawging fad. I don’t like to be ripped off. It got so bad that I went at a few people over ripping me off. Contacted and threatened some so-called “Men’s Entertainment” sites. I still don’t like that. But when a dude who enjoys T-blawg comes here and quotes a “Bro Code” rule in his tweet or when a hot chick sends me a pic doing the “pose,” that is pretty fucking cool. T-blawging is something I have been doing my entire life I guess. I have always said and done some wild, original shit! So much so that friends and family still quote me or tell my stories to other people. Way before I even started this site. And if T-blawg inspires a total stranger to sit down at their computer and attempt to write some tales that they think will entertain complete strangers, then you know what? Good luck to them! Do it. Write your ass off. Make people read your words. Laugh at your jokes. Learn something from the mistakes you made. This is why I continue to put out T-pisode after T-pisode. To entertain your asses and maybe, just maybe get some other people to do the same. So maybe I got there first. But if T-blawging is just a fad then I hope a billion fucking people jump on the bandwagon and rock shit as hard as I do. So keep T-blawging people. I am honored and I am appreciative. Just don’t fucking plank. Ever.



Until next time. Always take it there.



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