Dating Sabbatical. Day 1. Flirting.

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This is day 1 of my dating sabbatical. What did I learn today? I took a step back and finally listened to what some women have said to me for years. I flirt too much. I flirt without even knowing I’m doing it. I never really paid attention to that statement. I thought I was just being friendly. I was wrong. I DO flirt way too much! Maybe without even realizing it. Maybe I’m unintentionally offending the girl I’m with then. I noticed this today at the gym. On my way to work. At work. Texting. Emailing. I flirt a lot. Too much. A girl I dated recently said to me “You have enough personality for the both of us.” That stayed with me. She wasn’t trying to hurt me, she was just being honest. I’m listening now and I’m going to work on this. Fellas, like T, you need to get the flirting under control.




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  1. I have mixed thoughts on this. This was an issue with an ex of mine but I was the flirty, er, friendly one. My stance then as it is now is that I am friendly and it may border on flirting BUT what’s wrong it?! If I’m being nice and someone mistakes it for flirting it’s on them, its not like I’m going to go home with that person… In your case, however, if you KNOW you are flirting waaay too much, it’s probably a good idea to tone it down. A girl may not take you seriously if she knows you flirt with everyone…


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