T-pisode 149: T Takes On Rejection

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Take it as a positive. You get rejected so you can get accepted by the things you were supposed to. Word.

Hey. I’m a pretty positive person. No really. You don’t read this site??? I don’t lack confidence. I know who I am. I embrace my flaws. I know I’m not perfect. I think I’m very loyal and generous to the people I love. I have found a lot of success due to hard work and one hell of an ambitious demeanor. And I am constantly trying to be a better man. With all that I am also humbled from my early stages in life. Believe it or not after reading those ballsy opening sentences. But I am also someone who has to deal with constant rejection. Yep. Rejection. No one likes rejection. And no one dislikes rejection more than T. Being a guy who grew up the way I did, being a single guy constantly dating and my pursuing my lifelong dream of writing movies & tv shows trying to break into Hollywood I have had to deal with rejection a lot in my life. And now I am on a mission to own that bitch called rejection.

I honestly believe life tried to reject me at birth. Remember my epic birth? I think that set my life bar pretty damn high. When you’re facing death before you take your first breath where do you go from there? I’ll tell you. You develop one hell of a complex. So much so that I ended up with a permanent mindset that makes me refuse to lose. Life rejected me in many ways. Life told me that I wasn’t allowed to have money as a kid. That my mother would never have good health. That my father would not be the best guy for his son to admire. That woman after woman would reject me and my crazy ass. That Hollywood would make remake after remake while rejecting every script, treatment and idea I ever pitched to them! Wow that’s a lot of rejection. I’m surprised I didn’t jump off the Tobin Bridge myself people. But like I said, all that made me refuse to lose. I wasn’t going to feel bad for myself. I wasn’t going to stay a poor kid in Eastie. I wasn’t going to stop dating and looking for a good woman. I wasn’t going to stop writing because Hollywood was not ready for my awesomeness. Fuck no! But I’m also human. And sometimes even T can only take so much. Sometimes I have to pull back and lick my wounds. I have to stop and say to myself “What the fuck? What am I doing wrong?” Because I really don’t want to be rejected by the next girl. I also hope I don’t reject her. Which I have also done a lot. I don’t want Hollywood to reject my next script. I think it’s the best I’ve written so far. I think they’re all the best I’ve written. Rejection is a motherfucker and we all have to deal with it in our own way.

Now I am trying to take rejection and turn it into a positive. That totally sounded like a Tony Robbins self empowerment line. Whatever! But that’s how I’m feeling. Banana hands! I have to think that the last girl who rejected me did my ass a favor. She wasn’t worthy of me. Yep I said it…worthy! The last studio and agent that passed on my material were most likely stupid. Or just didn’t have the balls to push my material up the ladder to the right people to get an awesome original movie made by a new writer. That person did me a favor because he probably would’ve ruined my script. My story would have been told in a way that I did not intend for it. So thank you for passing buddy. Actually, I would like to thank every single friggin’ person that ever rejected me in one form or another. Every single chick that didn’t want me. Every life moment that said “Sorry T. You lose. You get nothing. Good day sir!” To all of that and to all of you I say THANK YOU and I say FUCK YOU! You all saved me from a life of pain, regret and horror. Your rejection was your mistake and my success. How about them fucking apples you sons of bitches?! So rejection has been owned by T and hopefully from this point on in my life, it will never be a problem again. I really suggest you all try making rejection your bitch too. Cause that shit feels good! And I’m out!


Until next time. Always take it there.




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