Dating Sabbatical. Day 16. A toast to all the women of my past.

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For the 5+ weeks I’ve been on this dating sabbatical. For the 16 days I’ve been on here writing about it. For all the reflecting I did. For all the other things I focused on while not dating. For all the female pipeline cleaning I did. There has been one thing on my mind the entire time. Women. The women from my past. Each and every single one of them. And here’s to all of you. A toast to all of you.

To all the good ones

To all the bad ones

To all the young ones

To all the crazy ones

To all the ones that broke my heart

To all the ones whose hearts I broke

To all the ones I gave my all

To all the ones I gave nothing

To all the ones I gave way too much

To all the ones still in my life

To all the ones I miss

To all my mistakes

To all my regrets

To all the fun

To all the ones that knew the other side that wasn’t T

To all the ones that got to see every side of me

To all the what ifs

To all that never was

To all of you I toast! You made me the man I am today. A better man. And now I leave you all in my past.