Welcome to T-blawg

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There has been a huge spike with all things T-blawg. The site, Twitter and Instagram. I wanted to welcome all the new followers. I appreciate you taking the time to visit T-blawg! I hope you enjoy it.

First though, don’t let the Boston accented title fool you. This is not a blog. Well it started as one but it evolved into a place where I tell my tales and entertain the world. Or at least try to. The site isn’t topical. But I am very opinionated. It has pretty much become my evolution from jerk to gentleman. But I still do some crazy shit. You’ll like that shit. I will deliver a new T-pisode every Monday. I have been for the last 3+ years. Haven’t missed a Monday yet!

T-pisodes are usually about my life, my opinions, a cool funny ass list, my dating adventures, women of course, sports, Boston life, a Bro Code chapter and something that is just plain fucking totally awesome and original. In between the T-pisodes, you’ll get a shit ton of #wouldwife posts (hot chicks yo), some of my favorite songs & YouTube videos, T-vlawgs (me looking into my computer and talking about shit) and the world famous T-blawg Pose (AKA myself, friends, hot chicks, family & fans rocking a Boston team hat low low low).

And oh yeah….I always take it there.


Welcome to T-blawg my new friends!