T-pisode 167: Making Bank

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My financial advice comes strictly from the Wu-Tang Clan
My financial advice comes strictly from the Wu-Tang Clan

There are two types of men in this world, those willing to talk about money and those that are not. You see, money is a touchy subject and those that have it or come from it are usually more prone to talk about it. They like to let it be known. They like to brag. They like to be flashy. Me? Well it’s been documented on T-blawg a whole bunch of times that ol’ T comes from a place where money was hard to come by. And then T grew up and he was smart so his bank account grew with him. But I don’t brag. Because I’m not a douchbag. But I am that guy that gave the world the “Bro Money Code” so I think I’m kind of qualified to talk money. And I’ll try to in a non-douchebaggy way. I am not a rich billionaire philanthropist like Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man. Oh no. Not even close. But I do ok for myself. Because I work my ass off and I’m smart with my money. So now I’m going to talk money.

Growing up broke with a degenerate gambling addicted father and a mother who worked 3 jobs and still works really made me respect the all mighty dollar. Growing up listening to hip hop made me also believe in C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) and poppin’ bottles, rimmed up cars, big watches and Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems. So I had nothing yet wanted everything but refused to waste my hard earned money foolishly. Yep, try living like that as a kid. So I went out and got a job at 13 and worked every day of my life since. I would have legit jobs and not so legit jobs. I just had to make money somehow to help out at home, pay bills, put food on the table and put myself through college. But I still found ways to have nice clothes and nice cars. All that shit came after the important stuff though. I had priorities. And now as an adult I still have priorities. Over the last 10 years I have climbed up to higher and higher tax brackets while making sure I still put my family’s needs before my own wants. My goal has always been to have enough money to put my mother in a house of her own without a care or a bill in the world. My second goal is to have all my nieces and nephews college tuitions paid for. Everything else after that is gravy. For myself I just want to find a way to entertain the world and get paid to do it for a living. In the meantime my “day job” is more than paying the bills. In the last 2 years I have gone to LA twice, London, Paris, bought a new car and bought all the latest iToys imaginable. I live in one of Boston’s most expensive neighborhoods. I dress well. I eat well. Been to more Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics & Patriots games than I can count. I go wherever I want when I want. I’m very lucky and humbled to have this life. But again, I work my ass off. More than a lot of other guys I know. But even now I’ll spoil the shit out of my nieces & nephews, my mother, my closest friends before I ever do anything for myself. I’m generous a lot more than I am selfish. I do it out of love, not to impress. And I don’t ever talk money to impress. Not to impress pretty girls on dates. Not to impress other dudes at the bar in the middle of a pissing contest. Because I know how much money I have. I know what I do with my money. I know what it’s like to not have it. And that’s all that matters when it comes to money. Trust T.

So. If you make bank by working your ass off, I respect you. If you come from nothing and turned yourself into something, I respect you. If you spend your money on everyone you care about before you spend it on yourself, I respect you. But if you only have money because someone like your parents or grandparents made that money and all you do is live off of them and brag about what you have? Then I don’t have respect for you. If you appreciate your material possessions more than the people in your life, then I don’t respect you. One thing about me is I’ll always find a way to make money. That’s the ambition in me. And I find that trait way more valuable than the almighty dollar. Remember, money doesn’t make the man, the man makes the money. Now go out there and get yours. Just know your priorities first.


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