Usually I don’t do this but I had to write on here tonight

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This is not a T-pisode. By now you all know those go up on Mondays yo. Like clockwork. 176 weeks straight and counting. But I’m in the writing zone and wanted to throw something up on the site tonight. Live from the land of T. Boston!

The last 2 weeks have been super busy for me. Lots going on. Things that remind me that my life is something special. Something unique. In the last 2 weeks everything that makes up my life definitely came to the forefront. The last person of my grandparents generation passed away. My family’s first generation in East Boston. The last tie to that generation and an Eastie life that had me reminisce and remind me why family and your past is so important. Then an Easter holiday spent with my family. New material was submitted to Hollywood. Huge projects at the office day job made me clock some hours boy. I held one of my closest friend’s newborn baby girl in her new house. I went to 3 Bruins games and 1 Celtics game. With some good friends, missed family & cool ladies. Bought my first season tickets ever. The Patriots. Treated my parents to a night out in my Fenway hood. Booked a trip to Los Angeles. And an upcoming Red Sox game/Marathon Monday celebration this Monday. All this while I’ve trained for Tough Mudder and went 50 days on a routine without drinking booze!

Family. Friends. Boston. Health. Money. Fun. Writing. Hollywood. Eastie. Hard work. Discipline. Wins. Losses. Laughs. Focus. This is my life. Every single day. I don’t know anyone else who has a life like this. But I’ll take it. Damn I’ll take it all.